A-Z of Winter Style

We've created the ultimate fashion and beauty dictionary exclusively for your reference. Start flipping!

We've created the ultimate fashion and beauty dictionary exclusively for your reference. Start flipping!

Abstract prints
If you're looking for art and fashion combined in one space, abstracts prints are the way to go. Splattered with surreal patterns, these pieces grab attention instantly. Remember, the bolder, the better!

Messy twists never go out of fashion. To make one, create a deep side part with your fingers and use a smoothing gloss to untangle hair. Pull hair over one shoulder and braid to the side. Pull out a few faceframing strands to make it messier. Use hairspray to make your braid stay on longer. Remember, intricate twists stay longer.

Colour of the season
Purple is a strong, luxurious transition colour moving fashion from summer to winter. Pick from shades like lilac, lavendar, amethyst, violet, aubergine and black currant-they look great teamed with tan or gold accessories.

The winter runway was all about experimenting and taking charge with your make-up. Rainbow colours, dark lids and bright monotonesthere was little left to the imagination. Try out these daring trends, but remember to keep the rest of your face muted for balance.

This trend remains big, season after season. It's bye-bye to the plain old arched brows and hello to coloured, geometrical and even embellished eyebrows. Take your pick from the runway looks here, or get creative and give it your own interpretation. But remember the rule-only one statement look at a time.

Faux fur
Faux fur is a global trend worth following in smaller doses for our Indian climes. Fashionable 'skins', as the French call them can be of various types but we're in love with the woolly and furry kind. If you aren't ready to brave a coat yet, find pieces where fur has been used to trim collars and cuffs or is on sleeves and hems of jackets.

Geometric liner
The liner took centrestage this season and it's your turn to try this fierce trend. Play with colours to create interesting lines on your peepers. Start with a feline flick before graduating to the daring ones.

Heels that wow!
We're excited for the cool, styles that are getting attention right now. Shoes are getting higher and the shapes, wilder. Choose from classics like wedges or kitten-heels, or new-age ones like inward/outward curve, block and platform heels. Hint: embellishments make great substitutes for accessories!

Icy accents
Give your smoky eye a 2012 makeover with cool, icy shades of silver, blue and green. Opt for shadows in softer shades like mauve, sapphire and teal. Finish the look with soft frosty pink nails and lips.

Whether you're a fan of pile-it-all maximalism or futuristic minimalism, there's something for everyone in this season's jewellery trends. Flesh tones like dusty rose and creme, cabochon stones and beads or materials like metal, mesh and painted accents are all hot right now.

Knits are no longer just for your granny's wardrobe! They've been given a fashionable 2012 update while still maintaining that retro vibe. You could pick from chunky silhouettes to embellished pieces, houndstooth or abstract prints, or bright colours in varying lengths because comfort wear just got cooler!

Since this month there was a burst of beauty products hitting the shelves, with interesting packaging and special edition ranges, here's a loot list of everything we have our eyes set on. Remember, you saw it in Cosmo first!

The fashion world has been enamored by metallic prints ever since brands like Chanel, Elie Saab and Marchesa brought the midas touch centrestage. Gold, silver or bronze accents are the order of the day (or night!)

The shades that generated maximum buzz on the runway this season were variations of deep reds and navy, along with a hint of subtle nudes and dull golds. Take your cue from deep burgundies and midnight blues, or powder pinks and icy blues. The trick lies in keeping your nails short and square with rounded corners and applying two coats of lacquer for digits that command all the attention.

Designers have turned to the Far East for inspiration. The result? Beautifully brocaded jackets, elaborate Obi belts and dresses, and embroidery rich with traditional motifs. A great way to channel sexy sans over-the-top oomph.

While peplums for summer were flirty and flouncy, winter ones at Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and Burberry are all about sharp stucture and elegance. Tip: invest in a peplum jacket that will layer well over anything you wear.

Dolce and Gabbana's collection was one of opulence inspired by royals from the 16th century. Cop this luxe vibe with brocades, elaborate embroidery and lace in sexy, sleek silhouettes.

Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna's 15-Year Journey!
Cosmo chats with Rahul, onehalf of the dream team behind the label, Cue, that is celebrating the completion of 15 successful years in the fashion world this month.

Cosmo: You've been creating fashion together for 15 years. How does it feel?
Rahul Khanna: "It feels like just any other day. Fashion is something that you experience everyday. There's always something new to see and learn. It's been a learning process, and a great journey for 15 years. There have been lots of shows and lots of hard workit's been a great experience. We've grown up with the brand.

C: How has your design aesthetic changed since you started out?
RK: "I think as a designer, you really don't change because you will stick to your gut. We've always believed in contemporary, modern clothing with less fuss, giving more emphasis on cuts and not to embellishments. Our USP has been 'what you see on the ramp, you'll see on the rack'. We don't create things just to create drama. Our clothing stays classic. It's a great feeling that we're still creating clothes that will remain in people's wardrobes for a long time.

C: So how does it work? Do you work on the same design together or create different pieces?
RK: "We used to do everything together, but over the years, as business expanded, we started taking on different responsibilites. Rohit and I share very similar tastes. Sometimes we'd start designing separately and end up making a very similar garment. I think that's very important, otherwise I don't think there are any two designers who can work together because you'll just end up fighting.

C: Have you ever had disagreements?
RK: Oh, every second day! I think we are each other's biggest critic. Everyone has disagreements about work, and I think that's what brings out the best of each other. And you know we need each other's approval which is the most important thing because, if we don't like it collectively we don't go ahead with it.

C: What five words would best describe your brand?

RK: "Wearability, value, trendy, metallic and sexy.

C: Who do you prefer designing for? Men or women?

RK: "Women who dress up like men (laughs)! We like powerful women. Designing for men is a passion, but there's an endless list of things to do from ornamentation to colours and drapes for women! We like dressing up women who have a mind of their own, who don't just go with a look they see on the ramp and follow it literally. You know, the ones who try to combine runway looks with their own sense of style.

C: How are you celebrating this momentous anniversary? Is there a special collection; what is it about?
RK: "This year has been so hectic! We've already done four shows. We've been collaborating and working with different people. We're actually planning to do a large scale photo exhibition this month. It's a little hush-hush right now, but we'll be doing a collection of our experiences over the years. And maybe we'll do a catalogue and calendar for our archival pieces. Stay tuned!

Studs & sequins
Take your Saturday night outfit up a notch with the inclusion of rock-inspired studs or disco-fever shine by way of bright sequins and pailettes. Gathering admirers was never easier!

Also a big trend during summer, printed pants have now morphed into dressier, tailored versions made with brocade, digital patterns and feminine floral prints. Pair with a sheer blouse for a sexy evening look.

Create volume in the hair before styling (use a volumising hair mask) and air dry. Tease hair at the roots and use a boost spray. Now gently pull hair back into a messy bun leaving some face framing strands. You can braid or curl the front sections of hair, but keep it loose.

Strong make-up shades are fierce this season. Go all out with vermillion colours on your lips and tips, or sport the colour one at a time. Tip: pale complexions should opt for a sheer wash of colour while darker skin tones can work with an opaque finish.

Winter florals
The runways are bloomin'. The easiest way to take this trend from summer to winter carefully created prints and patterns combined with warm fabrics add a sense of maturity and darkness to this normally fun and flirty trend.

Xtreme lashes
Add drama to your eyes with the season's latest beauty diktat-embellished eyelashes. Add colour to your lids with bright mascara or go all out with sequinned lashes.

Your fabulous style
At Cosmo, we're constantly inspired by your style picks month after month. Here are some of the standout looks we've seen you wearing!

Mhashumi Ezung, 21 "For me, fashion is all about being myself. I usually wear stuff that's comfy and chic.

Ruchika Sachdeva, 25 "My style is a mix of vintage and over-sized clothes.

Natasha Chadha, 27 "My style variesI like to incorporate different accessories every time.

Meet fashion's favourite musethe jungle! The stars of the season are tiger, zebra, and lion prints, and a bit of flora thrown in for good measure.

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