Wow! Did You Know British Women Spend More On Beautifying Than On Their Actual Holiday?!

Right peeps, we’ve got a funny beauty fact to cheer you up this morning – British women are spending more money getting beach body-ready than on the actual holiday itself! Can you believe it?! Well we can because we know the extent we go to in order to get our beach body ready. The research was found by Debenhams which discovered that women spend on average £472 on beauty treatments to ensure they are looking prepped and primed to perfection, whilst a seven night trip to the Costa Del Sol costs only half of that. Wowza!

Wow! Did You Know British Women Spend More On Beautifying Than On Their Actual Holiday?!

Beauty vs. beach, that is the question...

Yes girls, think of all those spray tans, manicures, pedi’s, waxes, brow taming, you name it, it’s all adding up. It seems that we all spare no expense to make sure we look and feel our best and to be honest with you, why the hell not! There’s nothing better than silky smooth legs, polished toes and glowing skin when you’ve got to strip down to just your bikini so go on, treat yourself. Whilst beauty grooming used to be a last minute rush pre-hols, women are spending a whopping 11 hours (yes that’s the time it takes to fly all the way to Mexico!) to beautify themselves. And now women prepare themselves around three weeks before their trip, getting haircuts and massages in place. Oh we love this news! It brings music to our ears to know that women really care and love to beautify. Go Britain!

Wow! Did You Know British Women Spend More On Beautifying Than On Their Actual Holiday?!

Now the only thing that does slightly concern us is the type of holiday that good ole Debenhams has chosen to compare this with… because whilst a vacation that costs approximately £250 per person might sound like a bargain, it also sounds a little bit, well, er, cheap! We’re not entirely sure we’d be happy to holiday for such a bargainous price but what the heck, we love the stats that Debenhams have found so are sticking with them…

Wow! Did You Know British Women Spend More On Beautifying Than On Their Actual Holiday?!


Liz Hambleton, Beauty Director - "My holiday must-have is Dior Bronze Beautify Protective Sun Care SPF15, £23 because it's so light and easy to use. I hate anything to greasy and this one suits my skin perfectly so I always stock up on it at the Debenhams Beauty Hall before I jet off."

Lauren Murdoch-Smith, Beauty Editor - "I am all about skin care on holiday so I always make sure I pack a super high strength serum to repair my skin at the end of the day and right now I am loving Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum, £40. My top tip is to keep it in the hotel minibar fridge so that's its really cold and soothing on my skin after catching a few rays."

Rose Beer, Beauty Writer - "I love sunbathing so make sure I treat my skin at the end of the day with a good night treatment like Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, £34.17 because it's so enriching and means I wake up fresh faced."

Angelica Hermon, Beauty Co-ordinator - "I make sure my eyes are fully protected on holiday with a large pair of sunnies and thena  good helping of eye cream both morning and night. Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Eye Cream, £40 is so gentle and sinks in quickly so that's my favourite one to take away. It's also small enough so squeeze into my hand luggage and give my eyes a brightening boost on the plane."

Alice Newbold, Beauty Intern - "I adore the smell of aftersun and always take Garnier Aftersun Lotion, £3.36 with me. It's a purse-friendly purchase and remiinds me of happy holidays away so I go back to it year after year. Plus it's got aloe vera in it too which is the ultimate skin soother."

Chiara Merullo, Beauty Intern - "I love having bright nails on holiday so my beach essential comes in the shape of YSL Le Laque Couture in Rose Futuriste, £18. It's fun for jazzing up tips and toes on a nice sunny beach somewhere."

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