WOW! Check Out the Campaign for Lady Gaga's New Fragrance 'Fame'

WOW! Check Out the Campaign for Lady Gaga's New Fragrance 'Fame'

It’s by no means an exaggeration that here in the Grazia Beauty department we have been busy speculating about Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated first fragrance launch with the scent experts at Coty for quite literally months.

A couple of weeks ago we discovered that the fragrance was to be called Fame and would not smell like blood and semen as originally reported, but rather like an expensive hooker instead.  And this was all after a pesky US magazine editor leaked a photo of the outer bottle and its packaging along with its name via Twitter, much to La Gaga’s considerable annoyance. Naughty! At the same time we also learnt that the scent would be the very first black eau de parfum and that once it was airborne it would transform into a clear liquid and  deliver “a true metamorphosis when worn on skin.”

Then yesterday, two hours after revealing via her Twitter feed that she would be giving her fans a preview of the ad for her new fragrance, the lady herself posted it on her Web site,, and linked to it via Twitter.

And there, in all its glory, was the black-and-white Fame ad, shot by none other than Steven Klein and featuring a nude Lady Gaga wearing a black mask and many many little miniature men, who appear to be clambering all over her and protecting her modesty in what we must admit, is a most novel fashion.  Very Lady Gaga. Very out there. Very fabulous.

The much-discussed art deco style gold-topped fragrance bottle meanwhile, lies in her outstretched hand...

What are your thoughts on this grand reveal?

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