Our Top Five Wow Brows: Chanel's Beaded Beauties, Natalia Vodianova's Bushy Pair and Emmas Watson's Neat Brows

So you might have guessed by now that we do really quite love a nice brow. Yep, such a simple detail that we are all blessed with, we just can't get enough of 'em right now. There everywhere right now, from K-Middy's power brows to Angelina's LA-arched ones and even Olivia Wilde's slightly overplucked pair (in our opinion, sorry Livs). Anyway, talking of all things brow, we have been paying extra attention to ours as well as other people's - before we would look out for the perfect red lip or right shade of blush but now people we are all about the brow. If you've seen someone staring at your brows on the commute to work, it would well be us. Whilst our brow frenzy is still in full swing, we thought we'd take a moment to share with you are top five wowza brow moments of late...

1. Beaded Beauties at Chanel


Backstage at the Chanel AW12 Show

In spot No. 1 we’ve nominated the one and only Chanel. I mean have you ever seen anything quite so amazing in your life? Chanel’s Creative Director Peter Philips (AKA Mr. Genius) worked us a visionary storm at the AW12 show with full on beaded brows that were attached onto the models’ own with heavy-duty adhesive. Ouch springs to mind at the thought of removing them but hey, all in the name of fashion. “The inspiration came from a few key words and a sketch that Karl provided”, Peter told us, “minerals, shading and eyebrows were the key words and the sketch showed a face with stone-lined eyebrows.” Attached to the likes of Cara Delevingne, Lui Wen and other modelistas, the look went down a storm and had global editors gasping. Our very own Beauty Director Liz Hambleton caught up with Peter Phillips backstage just before the show and he told her, “Karl wanted to base the collection on minerals so it was important we did this within the makeup  look too. I though the brows would make a strong and modern statement.” And FYI, they were all hand-made. Top marks to you Sir Peter!


Peter works his magic backstage

2. Natalia's Au-Natural Pair

Our Top Five Wow Brows: Chanel's Beaded Beauties, Natalia Vodianova's Bushy Pair and Emmas Watson's Neat Brows

Natalia's bushy brows

In second place comes model mum Natalia Vodianova. We just love the bushy and natural state of her pair and love that she hasn’t conformed to the pluck/shape/groom rules that she must face daily on her modelling shoots. In seems to be a bit of a trend of late with new girl on the block Cara Delevingne also rocking a thick pair but we credit Miss V for having the original bold brows. We think a bushier brow is rather youthful, I mean Natalia doesn’t look a day over 25 does she? (She is actually 30 years old peeps, depressing isn’t it). What’s more, Nat’s fuller pair of eyebrows have won her all sorts of exclusive campaigns, from Calvin Klein to Guerlain and Stella McCartney, so it can’t be tooo bad to keep yours fully-grown out. We love!

3. Angelina's Perfect LA Arch

Our Top Five Wow Brows: Chanel's Beaded Beauties, Natalia Vodianova's Bushy Pair and Emmas Watson's Neat Brows

Angelina's perfectly arched pair

On the other end of the scale in place No. 3 comes recently engaged babe Angelina Jolie. Flaunting the perfect LA arched brow, Mrs (soon-to-be) Pitt’s pair are what most women dream of and apparently ask for in their brow appointments. Angie’s are just about perfect – not too thin, not too thick, just about right. They arch right in the middle of the brow to add shape to the eye area and expression, hence her gorgeous smile where her eyes look gleaming and genuinely happy, it’s all down to that secret little arch people. The key to getting this one right is to go for a fuller brow that fades out into a slightly more plucked end section, giving the illusion of the eyebrows tailing off around the eye socket. All sounds a bit technical but it’s looks pretty blooming fab. We bet Brad’s likes them too.

4. Emma's Elegant Eyebrows

Our Top Five Wow Brows: Chanel's Beaded Beauties, Natalia Vodianova's Bushy Pair and Emmas Watson's Neat Brows

Emma's sleek and understated set

In fourth place is our very own Brit lovely Emma Watson. We’ve found a bit of a renewed love for Miss Watson after seeing her frolic and smooch with her new boyf at Coachella. What we love about Emma’s are that they are always so groomed and great without looking too done. In fact, unless we’d told you we bet you wouldn’t even know that she is a regular, at none other than top brow destination Blink. Emma goes for the brow threading service and is known to call in the Blink whizz kids before her big events and premieres to nip into her London home or hotel and give her pair a quick once-over although she has occasionally been spotted at the Blink counter in Fenwicks. “I love Blink Brow Bar and wouldn’t trust anyone else with my brows”, Emma said recently. Quite right too, you are in safe hands there! Remember girls not to ever over-pluck and go with your natural brow shape. Nothing worse than a TOWIE-esque set of eyebrows that are thin and shapeless and quite frankly, awful.




Models backstage at the Gucci AW12 show

Last up, we’re loving next season’s trend for invisible brows. This is not to be mistaken for the skinny ugly brow because it’s not. This one is all about bleaching the brows completely so they basically look invisible, a trend that’s a little tricker to pull off but well worth a try. We’ve seen countless models undergo the Invisi-Brow backstage at shows and on shoots. Our inspo for this look comes from the Gucci AW12 show where girls’ brows were all bleached right out so draw attention to their red wine lip colour. It’s a chic and understated look that’s well worth a  whirl – don’t be alarmed by the look at first, you’ll get used to it. (NB – one member of Grazia Team Beauty who owns a very dark brow has promised to work this look come Autumn). Go on, we dare ya!

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