Wives over Wolves: Why men are choosing their girlfriends over the footie

Wives over Wolves: Why men are choosing their girlfriends over the footie

The football season may be kicking off again this weekend, but a new survey says it has proof that men love the women in their lives more than their favourite team.

We’ll believe it when we see it…

Puma and Bristol University teamed up to put Newcastle United fans to the test – asking them to cut up photos of their other half and their favourite football players, while monitoring their stress levels. Harsh.

The stats showed that the men found it more stressful to harm a picture of their wives or girlfriends then it was to chop midfield.

Continuing with being cruel in the name of science, the researchers also asked the fans to choose between sticking a pin in a voodoo doll that would give their other halves flu for a week, or put a pin in the team’s star player and make him miss a vital match.

Whilst most men passed the test and benched the striker, we’re sure that this guy was saying what the others were thinking…

“When it came down to it, I just couldn’t have Jonas Gutiérrez missing a game so I stuck the pin in the missus".

Pretty sure that test subject will be sleeping outside this weekend. 

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