Weekly Predictions January 2013 for all the signs

The beginning of the week is going to be a little tricky for all the sun signs. Watch out before you make you moves! Read on

Aries: The beginning of this week is not going to be all hunky dory as you will be confounded by confusion and indecisiveness. This will make you unsure of many things. You need to be patient and work diligently on the projects that you are responsible for. Your priorities are likely to change suddenly and thus your personal goals may get sidelined, foresees Ganesha. This time is not good for signing bonds or legal documents as your Mercury is debilitated. All in all, not a favourable week for you and you should keep your composure to tide over this.

Taurus: A great time for all the people in this sign associated with creative endeavours. You will try to spend more of your time with friends and you will be more spontaneous while communicating with others. However, you may tend to be judgemental and form opinions without checking out basic facts. This attitude can make you argumentative. And since your logical and analytical abilities, too, are likely to be weak this week, your chances of winning any argument are bleak. You may also misunderstand others and their intentions. Stop being an escapist, advises Ganesha.

Gemini: This week is not favourable for you to take any major decision regarding any area of your life. There are two ways to deal with this, either adopt a wait and watch policy or act in haste and repent at leisure. The choice is yours. As Jupiter is retrograde in your sign, you need to be extra careful while making decisions regarding career matters. Financially, this week is going to be good. However, a major expense is envisaged at the end of the week. Since many planets, including Pluto, are in Capricorn, you are advised to be extra careful regarding your health.

Cancer: Partnership businesses are likely to flourish this week, but your self-confidence may remain low. You need to be conscious of this fact and try to impress others with your communication skills in meetings. On the love front, if you are single you may find your someone special and you may propose to him or her. It's time for married couples to take a firm stand on their marriage. Health of children and their academic progress may make you worrisome. Thus, this week is going to be a mixed bag for you where you will see a bit of everything.


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