Weekly predictions: 22nd Sep to 28th Sep

Enthusiasm, focus and determination should be your key words this week, according to the astrologers at GaneshaSpeaks.com. Try not to be lethargic and keep team spirit in mind for daily activities.

Aries : Financial matters will demand your attention, predicts Ganesha. Avoid wasteful expenditure, and ensure that you save some money. Matters related to inheritance may become strenuous; may even cause some disputes, so handle them very carefully. Go for an out of court settlement, as getting involved in a legal brawl at this point in time may prove to be a huge mistake. In your married life, some minor misunderstandings or insensitivity of your life-partner may cause bitter arguments between you and your spouse. Ganesha advises that you should do everything to resolve the matters at the earliest, and if it means asking someone to mediate, then do it. Whatever you do to restore peace and harmony at home will help you maintain a healthy atmosphere even in the long run.

Taurus :
It looks like that you have become quite complacent. Ganesha strongly advises your to take some steps immediately to revitalise and increase your enthusiasm levels. The recent turn of events may not have been pleasing or satisfactory, but refrain from blaming your stars for that. Employ a positive approach to see how blessed you are! Interact with your friends to feel rejuvenated and confident. Once your energy levels are replenished, face the challenges upfront, as you will not be able to avoid them in any case. If you have been planning to buy a bigger house, a vehicle or a better office space, now is the time to start your search for the same. Family life may not feature high in the scheme of things this week, foresees Ganesha. But then, sometimes that's the way life is!

Gemini : This week you will plan your schedule in such a manner that you will be able to meet the deadlines successfully. However, don't expect it to be an entirely hassle-free period. In fact, some unsavoury events on the domestic front may leave you quite upset. But, in all likelihood, you will not let your personal life affect your career. You will work overtime, if need be, to complete the tasks assigned to you. If you are a businessman, the planetary configurations portend a favourable time for you. On the financial front, there may some issues during the first couple of days of the week. You have enough money to clear your bills right now, but it is the expenses expected in the near future that are causing the sleepless nights. Don't worry, you will manage it, assures Ganesha.

Cancer :
Focussed and determined, you will set your priorities right, and shall start working towards your goals. This week your diplomatic skills will come in handy, be it at work or at home. Your managerial skills will also help you improve the overall performance of your team. Ganesha foresees the month ahead to be good for monetary matters, such as investments and savings. However, you need to check the fine print before signing any deals. Your social esteem will increase, people will appreciate your knowledge and look up to you for guidance. You need to be careful, though, of friends who are pretentious and learn to differentiate them from friends who are real well-wishers. Those planning to go for advanced studies shall find stars in their favour.

Leo :
Brimming with enthusiasm, you may now find it difficult to find enough ways to channelise your energies positively. Ganesha suggests that you join a gym or indulge in some outdoor sport, but He also advises you to try and connect with your 'higher self'. Whatever you do, make it a point to utilise your energies doing constructive activities, as any sort of negativity will adversely affect your temperament. Avoid arguments and quarrels at all costs. Your professional commitments too may keep you quite occupied, and you may end up thinking about office work even when you are at home. However, on the weekend, you will let yourself loose, take a break from routine and have a good time with your friends.Good!

Virgo : Goal-oriented and efficient that you are, you will rightfully earn a place in your boss's good books, this week. In fact, you may be so far ahead of your colleagues, that the management may give you more leeway. Thus, you will have a higher scope of accomplishing your full potential. Some people will be genuinely happy for you, whereas there will also be some who will get jealous of your success. They may even openly doubt your abilities. You need to be identify such people, and keep a safe distance from them. Also, be careful and guard against anger, as it might just erupt if someone questions your knowledge or intellect, or casts aspersions on your sincerity. Your weekend shall be spent in the company of near and dear ones, feels Ganesha.

Libra : Your actions this week shall be directed towards getting people out of trouble and helping them in achieving their goals, foretells Ganesha. But, the best part is that you shall do so totally unconditionally, regardless of whether it is moral or material support that people may be looking up to you for. You shall rise in social and professional esteem through this benevolent attitude of yours. At your workplace, too, since you have been putting in your best efforts in your tasks, your superiors will appreciate you, even if you fall short of your targets or overshoot your deadlines. In brainstorming sessions, you shall come up with some mind-boggling out-of-the-box ideas. Great! However, you may be somewhat anxious about your fast-depleting bank balance, and may have to take the appropriate cost-cutting measures to arrest the slide.

Scorpio : Ganesha predicts that you are likely to feel very lethargic this week. You may not be able to identify the reasons for it, but you will find it impossible to take any interest in any activities, both on the personal and professional fronts. Ganesha assures you that this is only a transient phase and that around mid-week you shall be back in your elements. Then, you shall work harder than ever to make up for the lost time, and by the weekend you shall complete all your tasks. Also, demanding your attention this week will be monetary matters and the very important matters of heart. You may come across some unreasonable and difficult people in your personal life, whom you shall have to handle very patiently. In love, you shall be very careful before committing yourself to any romantic relationship.

Sagittarius : Brace up for some disappointments this week, warns Ganesha. Even though you put your heart and soul into your work, you may find that your superiors don't value it enough. It can be very discouraging, but at the moment there is little you may manage to do to alter the situation. And besides, the phase is only temporary and shall pass soon. You may get involved in spiritual or philosophical matters this week, which will hugely benefit you in an indirect way. You shall resign yourself to your fate, and may decide to take things as they come, instead of offering any resistance. It is a blessing in disguise! But, this does not imply that you should stop working hard. Keep pegging on, and have faith that the due rewards shall come in sooner or later. On the other hand, your domestic life will be smooth. Rely on loved ones for support.

Capricorn :
As a rule you are not much into socialising, but this week you will feel so happy that you may wish to throw a party for all your friends and loved ones. You may also go out of your way to make new contacts to expand your social circle. The motive behind it may be to expand your business operations or please someone. As long as you don't stamp on other people's feet, Ganesha assures you that there is nothing wrong with it. There may be cut-throat competition in your business or work atmosphere, and your only wish right now shall be to increase your own turnover in a legitimate way without harming the interests of your adversaries. If you are a professional, your special skills will be much in demand, and you shall enjoy all the importance that you are being given.

Aquarius : Team work shall be the order of the week, foretells Ganesha. You shall have to marshal the collective energies of your departmental colleagues to achieve your goals. This will be in the best interests of the company, and is bound to please your bosses. You may delegate work according to the abilities of each member of your team, but make sure that you pay personal attention to the most vital aspects of the various tasks that need to be done. It shall be a good learning experience for you. If you happen to be a businessman, you may have to take the initiative to bag some tenders in order to expand your operations. Later in the week, health may cause some anxiety, so take proper care of it. 

Pisces : You may look forward to some interesting events this week, foresees Ganesha. Especially on the professional front, you are likely to enjoy a lot of goodwill. Your relations with your colleagues shall be cordial, superiors shall appreciate both your hard work and initiative, and you shall be given the latitude you require to function to your full potential. Taking part in upcoming conferences and workshops shall sharpen your set of skills and bring them up-to-date with the new technologies being used in your industry. On the personal front, married couples shall enjoy a lot of intimacy, while for singles the scope of meeting and falling in love with your soul-mate are extremely bright. Avoid raking up past issues at any cost as it will only embitter your relationships.

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