Weekly forecast: 08th Dec to 14th Dec

Rapid progress is evident for most signs, reveal the astrologers are GaneshaSpeaks.com. Financial matter will take precedence and you will think more about investments to secure your family's future.

Aries : The most positive thing about this week is that you shall be in the right mood to take on all the work that is being heaped on you, predicts Ganesha. This means your creativity shall peak, you shall possess great clarity of mind, and combined with your optimism, it is bound to lead you to success, in the terms that you shall easily achieve all your targets for the week, even if they may seem too high. You will not only be functioning at your peak, but shall be pushing your frontiers further and further. However, there is a slight chance that you may get derailed from your work, but that is only if you start taking too much interest in helping out others also in completing their tasks. Ganesha therefore advises you to first meet your own targets and then only see if you can help others.

Taurus : You shall be overflowing with zest and enthusiasm this week, and Ganesha predicts that you shall sail through it effortlessly. Whatever fate may throw at you, you shall handle with utmost ease, and succeed at it. But don't make the mistake of expecting the same level of competence from other members of your team, as not everyone is cut out the same way. And your determination to achieve your goals by any means fair or foul, could end up backfiring on you. So while it is good to be a go-getter, temper your attitude with a bit of caution. Although you shall be mostly preoccupied with your work, you shall manage to squeeze out some time for your near and dear ones. You will manage, also, to sort out certain domestic issues which have been pending for a long time.

Gemini : Ganesha portends that this week you shall be very determined while chasing you goals, and you shall be able to focus on them single-mindedly. As a result of your hard work, you are likely to gain monetary benefits, and in addition your professional prestige too is likely to rise. However, your communication skills are not really up to the mark, and to really make an impact, or even to make people recognise the labour you have been investing in your work, you need to brush them up. Perhaps you could take a crash course in effective communication, or even in public speaking in order to improve your self-confidence. This is something that can even impact your personal life,  as it can lead to misunderstandings with your spouse. Improving it therefore assumes even more importance.

Cancer : Ganesha assures that you are going to have a very productive and enjoyable week at the office. You may expect full cooperation and support from your co-workers. Even your bosses shall have great regard for your ideas and opinions, and seek your assistance in crisis situations. All this respect shall greatly boost your self-confidence, but Ganesha warns that there is also the danger that you may get over-confident. So be pragmatic, stay objective and do your own analysis of the prevailing situation. Also you would do well to remember that it is not so difficult to achieve success, as it is to sustain the same level of effort that was needed to achieve it. Students need to remember that the time is not right for going in for advanced studies. However, this week is auspicious to buy property.

Leo :
Owing to a change in attitude, you shall now start thinking of the long-term needs of your family, and Ganesha says it is high time too. You need to invest your money in such a manner that whether it is the advanced education of your children or any other anticipated or unanticipated event, you are not taken unawares. In short, make sure that your and your family's future is secured and that you shall have enough financial resources in the case of any emergency arising. Talking about your  children, make sure that you give them proper guidance on selecting their career by taking into consideration their inherent talents. Under no circumstances should you force your views on them; just guide them as to what is best for them, and let them take their decisions themselves.

Virgo : Financial matters are likely to dominate your life this week, foresees Ganesha. You may not be satisfied with your financial situation, and are likely to look around for some additional ways in which you can make some more money. Since your expenses are going to mount, you need to immediately cut out all the frills and spend money strictly on essentials. You shall have to continue in this manner patiently, because the rewards of your efforts may take a long time to come. The people who are involved in creative fields are likely to have a great time as the planets are in their favour. On the family front, there are chances of getting into a heated argument with your spouse, but Ganesha advises you not to lose your temper and handle things delicately.

Libra :
You shall be at ease this week as far as your business is concerned, predicts Ganesha. However, as far as expansion plans are concerned you shall have to be very tactful in both raising resources as well as in seeking support and guidance from people more experienced than you. In your domestic affairs, the fact that now you are being more open-minded, compassionate and understanding about the needs of other members of you family, especially your spouse, shall add to the all-round happiness. However, Ganesha warns you to be careful of people who are just making a show of love and affection for meeting their own selfish ends, and seek out the company of only your genuine well-wishers. Also, you need to control your temper, especially in office, otherwise it may adversely affect your work.

Scorpio : Ganesha foretells that this week your hard work shall bear fruit, giving a big boost to your self-confidence. You shall feel very positive about everything around you. However, don't take your health lightly. You need to get even minor ailments such as a headache or a toothache, checked properly. Since the stars suggest that your health may be delicate, you would also do well to start exercising - simple skipping or aerobic exercises will do. If you can do yoga and pranayam, it would be even better. Also, stick to home food as far as possible and totally avoid junk food. Even while at work, be careful not to undertake any stressful projects. Even while driving you shall have to be careful, as this week there are chances of a mishap taking place.

Sagittarius : You shall be preoccupied with getting your tasks prioritised this week, especially as you can no more afford to carry on in the haphazard manner that you have been doing, as your work pressure is increasing and you need to get tasks accomplished in the order of their importance. Ganesha advises you to keep your distance from legal issues, more particularly if you are based in foreign lands, where you may find it very difficult to extricate yourself once you get entangled in them. On the health front, some niggling  ailments may keep relapsing and it may take you very long to recover completely. All things spiritual may draw your attention, but you would do well to keep your distance from esoteric things. As for finances, cut down on superfluous expenses.

Capricorn : You will be making rapid progress this week, foretells Ganesha, and adds that you shall still be dissatisfied with it and will be in a hurry to accomplish everything in double-quick time. Be warned, though, that such impatience can backfire. You shall not get a single moment free to think about your family, and will feel annoyed if you get a call from home. This week, Ganesha says that you shall be open-minded about a job change, so if a lucrative opportunity does present itself, you shall consider it quite positively. You need to be very careful of avoiding arguments, whether it is at home or office. As for your financial affairs, even if you are facing a liquidity crunch, it would be better not to borrow any money but to manage with what you have.

Aquarius : Your work pressure is going to increase this week, foresees Ganesha. However, since you are feeling very spirited and full of energy, you shall be able to accomplish all the tasks that may be piled up on your plate, and then some. You shall therefore have enough time to spend with your family members, thus giving satisfaction on both personal and professional fronts. You are likely to feel a bit low during certain phases in the week, but they shall be few and fleeting, so there is nothing to worry about them. On the financial front, you shall be rather comfortable but you will keep thinking about how to invest your money in more beneficial ways, and since it is something that is causing you a good bit of anxiety, you need to consult some investment experts.

Pisces :
Ganesha predicts that you shall be happy with the way your career is progressing, and yet you shall be looking out for better prospects. However, this week you are unlikely to be offered another job, so just stay put where you are and keep pegging on sincerely. Ganesha advises you to review your goals and your strategies for achieving them. You shall be feeling happy and contented deep inside, but being a little superstitious, you shall try not to let it show, as you fear that jealous people may try to mar your happiness. Health is going to be a bit delicate, so take very good care of it. If you are already on medications, do not neglect them and do not stop mid-way even if you start feeling better, because if you don't complete the course the illness may relapse.

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