Wedding Hairstyle Tips for Brides with Short Hair

Your wedding day is approaching and amidst all concerns about every minute detail, you are going bananas pondering about one thing- your short hair. Relax; you do not need Della’s long tresses to look perfect, prim, proper and pretty on your wedding day! There are umpteen styles to flaunt your short locks the day you say “I do”. Have a quick glance at some of these cute hair-dos for super short hair for all beautiful brides out there.

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Bubbly Bob

Go bob on your hair for your bridal wedding attire. With straight tresses curled at the end, either outwards or inwards according to your liking and with a single dark hue to colour it, you are sure to make the most chic bride in town.

Cool Curls

How about donning vivacious curls on your sides and going blonde? You can either go for one-side blonde curls for that sizzling look or opt for pretty curly locks on both sides with a side parting for an elegant countenance. Tucking a flower on one side above the ear can add the magical, ethereal touch to your whole demeanor. For a bouncy look, pull back all your curls like a bouquet and prop it up with beautiful flowers or go for a classy appearance with brown highlights here and there on your top curls.

Beautiful Bun

If you thought only Rapunzels could do up their tresses in puffy buns, well, here is a fashionable hairdo for short hair brides that is sure to steal the show. Just pull back your hair in a small bun by pinning it up and for a smart touch-up leave a side parted fringe as a highlight.

Casual Wisps

Don the messy look by going for untamed wisps that fall on your bare shoulders and highlighted with brown hues. An extravagant headdress in vibrant colours can complement it perfectly.

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Peppy Pixie

Do a Rihanna and wear the cute, trendy pixie look enhanced with delicate yet jazzy accessories and complemented by a beautiful flowery gown for the perfect girly bride.

Straight Styles

Straight is in and you can experiment with a lot of straight coiffures. Try this look with styles like side parting or left loose or clipped to one side highlighted with a flower or any other gorgeous accessory.

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Ravishing Retro

Sweep your prince charming off his feet as you go retro with either the waves of the 20’s and 30’s. Spruce it up with a few dazzling accessories like a vintage headdress or a flower to resonate the retro looks. You can also adopt the stunning wavy pinned-up hair-do of the 50s with gorgeous red flowers for rocking your wedding day.

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