Wedding destinations according to sun sign

Everyone loves a wedding. But selecting the venue can be a major headache for everyone concerned.

Everyone loves a wedding. But selecting the venue can be a major headache for everyone concerned. Instead of opting for the closest location, try to find an astrologically sun-sign compatible location that will ensure an auspicious kick off for your wedding. So here are few tips on how you can choose the ideal wedding destination according to sun sign.

1. Aries men and women love traditional weddings. For them the whole pack and parcel of a church wedding or a traditional Hindu wedding is fun not boring. Find a venue that is fully traditional such as temple hall or a church hall with all the customary fittings and it should be fine

2. Taureans
loves to be with nature. If you fix a wedding at a nature park, a forest grove, a mountain top or at a vineyard, they could probably fall in love with you all over again.

3. Geminians are social creatures and they love splurging. Hold a big wedding at a special expensive venue to keep them enthralled all night long.

4. Cancerain are homebodyies. All you have to do is arrange a simple but elegant reception at a small inn, a romantic hotel in the backwoods or even in the local church where they can connect with all their friends.

5. Leos are extravagant and royal. They want the best and they want to be the center of attention. Keep them happy with five star hotel bookings, a royal reception venue and of course a fun unusual honeymoon.

6. Virgos are perfectionists and they want a practical setting they can sit and enjoy. If you book the local community center or sports center and donate the gifts to charity; they’re happy!

7. Librans are the most romantic signs of the Zodiac and they want to be pampered. For this sun sign, you will have to find unusual out of the way venues that will impress and appeal to their sense of romance and love. Old hotels, romantic cruise wedding, yacht wedding, are perfect

8. Scorpions love their privacy but they want all their friends close by at functions. For them, you need social areas which you can book completely. Try the local museum or art conservatory that will appeal to their sensibilities or try the nature parks or gardens close by that you can book completely

9. Sagittarians love to travel. Destination weddings are perfect for them and the further the destination the better.  Adventurous weddings like safaris and hikes are perfect for them.

10. Capricorns are traditional and they want the whole church wedding. If you are of two faiths, they don’t mind having two weddings either. But they want the whole traditional package and anything less makes them sad.

11. Dreamy Aquarians love the sea but anything that has travel in it appeals them too. You can try bungee jumping weddings, underwater weddings or even wedding venues at the local water park.

12. Pisceans also love the sea. For them beach weddings, resorts and cottages and even Hawaiian themed weddings are ideal.