We Visit New Skin Clinic Waterhouse Young To Get Jubilee Ready Skin

Here’s a heads up for you eager-beavers – in tomorrow’s issue of Grazia you can read about the sweep of diamond skincare taking the beauty world by storm just in time for the Jubilee. And to add to this, we thought we’d share with you our experience of a new skin spa which left us with quite .literally, sparkling diamond-like skin to give K-Middy a run for her money.

We Visit New Skin Clinic Waterhouse Young To Get Jubilee Ready Skin

Say hello to the Waterhouse Young clinic located in Marylebone. Founded by top cosmetic surgeons Norman Waterhouse and Richard Young, the spa is one luxurious destination you’re going to want to get on speed-dial. Based around high-end skincare, the clinic offers effective anti-ageing advice and non-invasive tailor made treatments. Not only is the destination the height of chic luxury but the attention to detail is beyond amazing; snacks of skin-boosting almonds and berries are on offer as well as specially concocted vitamin shots to work from the inside out. We love! Whilst snooping around the gorgeous space we couldn’t resist trying out their HydraFacial, a unique results-driven treatment that combines state-of-the-art machinery to deeply hydrate and clean the skin. It’s vacuum-like method gets all that city dirt out like never before and leaves skin looking like brand new, just in time for this weekend’s celebrations! At least we’ll be as sparkly clean as Queenie’s tiara!



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