Do our vaginas really need ‘rejuvenating’? New anti-ageing cream 18 Again seems to think so

Do our vaginas really need ‘rejuvenating’? New anti-ageing cream 18 Again seems to think so

An Indian pharmaceutical company has caused controversy by launching a first of its kind anti-ageing cream for vaginas.

Developed by Ultratech India, the product is supposed to rejuvenate and tighten the nether regions of women everywhere.

Specifically aimed at housewives with children, an advert produced by creative agency Curry-Nation claims the cream will make you ‘feel like a virgin’ again. Apparently making sex ‘feel like the very first time’.

Going one step further, the chairman of Ultratech, Rishi Bhatia, claims that 18 Again actually empowers women.

In a statement, he explained “18 Again has the power and the potential to break the shackles and redefine the meaning of [female] empowerment altogether.” 

So what do you think? Is this product a step forward in female hoo-ha liberation or just another unfair body pressure for us to deal with?  Watch the advert below and let us know your thoughts…

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