Upgrade your beauty routine to battle the chill

From clothes to food and skin care, the season calls for a complete overhaul in our routines and lifestyle.


With frosty mornings and smoggy evenings, the strong northern winds have officially announced the onset of winter.

From clothes to food and skin care, the season calls for a complete overhaul in our routines and lifestyle. A refreshing lemonade gets replaced by steaming cups of coffee, easy summer dresses by oversized knits and light moisturiser by luxurious body butter. Chilly weather makes us curl up to everything cozy and heart- warming, it’s also a time infused with festivities and celebrations. Occasions like a best friend’s wedding, a party or a formal soiree, force you out of bed to bare the chill. Winter might be all about fun and celebrations, however, one must not forget to protect your skin during this time.

The harsh winter winds can take a toll on your skin and make it flaky and itchy. “ Winter months make the skin dry due to low humidity and central heating. Even people who don't normally have dry skin may find it problematic. Our skin feels much tighter and if one has sensitive skin, the dryness may cause serious flaking and itching.

It may also develop inflammation and become eczema prone, if not looked after correctly,” explains Dr Varun Katyal, Consultant dermatologist and Anti- ageing specialist, The Skin Centre, Delhi. Preparing your skin for the season is the easiest way out. We help you with the best expert advice on winter skin and hair care so that you can smoothly sail through.


Every skin type needs to chalk out a protection plan to contend with dry weather. “ The most common problems that our skin faces is dehydration and blocking of pores,” says Avni Amlani, Education director, Dermalogica India. This problem can be tackled by updating your beauty arsenal with skin care products designed for severe weather.

“ While planning a winter skin care regimen, one should take care of their skin type, skin needs and any existing skin condition,” agrees Dr Katyal.

Unlike summer, one needs to double up on moisturisation to prevent the skin from getting dry and flaky. Rich moisturisers breathe new life into parched skin. However, the rules for choosing the right moisturiser for oily skin remain the same same. “ People who have oily or combination skins may opt for water- based moisturisers which are non- comedogenic ( i. e. they do not clog pores) and are oilfree.

One can also look for moisturisers containing ‘ humectants’, a class of substances ( for e. g. glycerine, sorbitol, and alpha- hydroxy acids) that attract moisture to one’s skin. It is good to apply a moisturiser on slightly damp skin to seal in the moisture,” explains Dr Katyal.

Experts also recommend using serums, as they contain active ingredients which nourish, repair and rejuvenate the skin. For the delicate under eye area, intensive eye creams that have a creamy consistency are considered the best.

"Use a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation. It easily blends into your skin, gives a flawless, dewy finish and doesn't look heavy and made-up." Namrata Soni
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