How to turn him on

The five senses

 Sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing; we all know what the five senses are, but do you work them during sex? Before you jump into bed light a scented candle and put on some music. Wear a flavoured lip gloss, some perfume and something silk. You could even introduce some tasty food; strawberries or cream are failsafe classics. To finish off, whisper naughty things into his ear and purr softly. You can also heighten the experience with a blindfold.

Dress up

 Bondage, latex, frills and panties; there’s a lot of kinky kit on offer. However, you don’t always have to look like some kind of gadget girl to send thrills through his body. Keep it simple with some stilettos. If you can’t walk very well in heels, don’t worry. Just wearing them in bed is enough to please him. You can turn up the heat by adding some sexy stockings or socks. Other simple yet effective props include wearing nothing but a simple leather belt or even a wig.


Teasing a man makes every touch sensational. Begin by telling him that he can’t touch you, but that you can touch him. Start to kiss him, working from his head down. Linger around his groin, but don’t actually touch him there. Then rub, kiss, tickle and squeeze his whole groin area, but again don’t touch his penis. He’ll soon be begging for more. You can take this one step further by wearing some clothing that is revealing, but that covers up some of your best bits.


Sometimes your man may feel like he wants sex more than you, so why not make him feel wanted by surprising him? When he’s in the house, you could dress up in a sexy outfit and wait on your bed until he finds you. Or you could walk past him naked. As you walk out of the room make sure you look back over your shoulder and shoot him a cheeky smile or blow him a kiss – he’ll instantly know what you want.

Rub his perineum

Your man has a perineum, which is the area of skin between his testicles and anus. This small area often gets overlooked during sex, but he would love it if you gave it some attention. Firstly, stand behind your man. Start to stoke his penis and kiss his neck. Place two fingers on his perineum and rub. Try to do this for a few seconds at a time, repeating until he’s fully aroused. You could also work this area during oral.

Use your hair

Your hair is your greatest weapon in the battle to try to drive your man wild.  Firstly, prepare your hair. Use a leave-in conditioner. Then before you pounce on your guy, take a perfume you know he likes and spray it onto your brush. Then comb your hair with the brush. Once you’re in bed blindfold him, take your locks and start to stroke and tickle his hot body. The combination of touch and smell will seduce him in seconds and leave him wanting more.

Message him

Letting your man know that you’re thinking of him, and thinking about him in a sexual way, is a big turn on. Send him a message, it can be something simple like “I really want you tonight”, or something a little more risqué; do what you feel comfortable with. It sounds so simple, but it gets results. Your man will now be having kinky thoughts about you all day and as soon as you walk through the door he won’t be able to resist you. Read more on
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