Try The Lip Trend Loved By Jessie J, Lady Gaga and the Kardashians

We sometimes think that a new beauty trend is a bit like a new love affair; first it’s frightening, then it’s exhilarating and then you decide that maybe you’re wasting your time and it’s not a last-er. But here in the Grazia Beauty Department, we think we’ve found one trend is the real deal, even if it’s one that should be saved soley for music concerts, raves and dressing up parties.  And cue drum role because the trend is… Temporary lip tattoos.

Sound familiar? If you’ll remember, we did a story a while back about this up and com-er. But since then we feel that the patterns have got prettier, even wilder, and more fantastical, proving that this trend shows no signs of stopping any time soon. The celebrities are going wild for them, and if they’re interested, WE’RE interested.             

One of the first wearers of these precocious pouts is trend-setter Jessie J, who first sported black spiked lips for her video ‘Do It Like a Dude,’ and then wore her famous Union Jack lips for her stint on Britain’s Got Talent. The celebs are particularly partial to the Violent Lip Temporary Lip Tattoo brand, which was born from the same company that brought us Minx nails.

The concept is similar to  the Minx one - just cut the pattern to fit your lips and pat with a wet cloth. (check out the vid below) The lips last for approximately 8 hours, which means there’s plenty of time to go wild. It’s certainly a brave and bold statement during a night out, ideal for girls who like to make an entrance!

It isn’t just celebs on this side of the pond that are getting excited. From the Kardashian klan to the ultimate trend-setting queen herself, Lady Gaga, the celebs across the Atlantic have fallen head over heels for these bad boys. Check our gallery above to help you decide who has been working them well…  

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