Try the Latest Weight Loss Fragrance

Try the Latest Weight Loss Fragrance

Erm so don’t laugh, but as crazy as it sounds, we think that might have found a fragrance that helps you lose weight.   Yup you heard us correctly. The famous French perfume powerhouse that is Roberet has teamed up with brand Veld’s to create Prends Moi Eau de Minceur Spray, which claims to be the world’s very first slimming fragrance. That’s right, a spray fragrance that promotes weight loss!

Want to know how it all works? Apparently ‘aromatherapeutic’ and ‘neurocosmetic’ research has been used to create a scent that ‘slims with pleasure.’ This powerhouse perfume is packed with ingredients that are designed to stimulate fat burning as well as improve the wearer’s overall well-being. As ‘slimming’ and ‘pleasure’ are not two words that normally cohabit naturally it’s certainly an intriguing concept!  

Still confused? Well, the scent contains Betaphroline, which once sprayed on the skin causes a reaction with B-endorphins, sending our brains a message to chill out and relax. ‘These pleasurable feelings are able to reduce compulsive eating behaviour, which are most of the time caused by anxiety and stress, and not by real hunger,’ explains the fragrance’s nose. And when you feel calm, you’re less likely to hit the fridge.  Clever huh!

Not only that, but a ‘Slimming Complex,’ within the fragrance (a combination of caffeine, carnitine, and spirulina if you’re interested), inhibits the production of ‘fat building enzymes’ too. This means that the spray will target fat deposits and stimulate their destruction. Okay, now we’re VERY intrigued.

To add some trial weight to this ‘miracle’ weight-lifter, the French research group BIO-EC conducted a study of non-dieting women aged between 18 and 70 using the product regularly for 28 days. The results found that 73% felt a ‘feeling of pleasure, while 75% felt it lowered their desire to snack.

While more research needs to be done to see if this is a new beauty staple or just another fad, this product already has a waiting list of loyal consumers. The wait for weight loss maybe a while, but the product is currently available at The Fragrance Shop for £29.99.

By Elise Mararro

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