Trendy Summer Footwear Options

Trendy Summer Footwear Options

Like clothes, shoes too need your equal attention if you want to keep up with the trends. 

With more and more options coming in, right choices can be made depending on the basis of seasons. Summer is that time of the year where comfort and ‘being cool’ (no pun intended) need to be top priority. And of course, your wardrobe for the season is included in that list. For your feet, below is a list of the trendiest footwear to keep you cool and stylish this summer.


Trendy Summer Footwear Options

Brogues are the most striking and opted for footwear this season and you will see most brands promoting this style. Brogues or boots in brown or beige leather with decorative design on its body, and a different colored sole to add some color is the perfect choice for you. The diversity of brogues has evolved with time and can be worn in both casual and formal way.


Trendy Summer Footwear Options

Let some air in to your toes and get some manly sandals with lots of straps. Do make sure that you do not have unkempt feet. A good pair of sandals is a classic option for the laid back chaps out there.


Trendy Summer Footwear Options

Loafers or slip on shoes are easy to wear, comfortable and can be a mix between casual to semi-formal with tassels or metal designing on the front. From greens, aqua, orange and pale yellow, loafers of summery hues are the way to go this season. Not only will they add some colour to your look, they will definitely keep you in your comfort zone too, and without trying too hard.

Saddle Shoes

Trendy Summer Footwear Options

Another hit this season, are the very stylish saddle shoes. Saddles can be worn in combination of two colors and while the traditional white and black combination still remains trendy, you can also opt for combinations of brown and orange, blue and white, grey and black etc. Saddles are classy, stylish and not too over the top or an extreme option.

Flip flops/ Slippers

Trendy Summer Footwear Options

While these remain the ultimate option a casual day out, try experimenting a little with colour without going kitschy; keep it simple and cool. Slippers are the safest choice but not necessarily boring. Have fun with shapes, colours and styles and there you have– a simple, economical yet cool alternative for a summery day.

Avoid wearing socks with each of the above mentioned products. The latest spring summer trend is all about colours, elements and designs that are easily appealing to the eyes. Feet your eyes, I mean, feast your eyes on some great shoes this summer and get them before its too hot to handle!

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