Trends You Should Avoid in the Monsoons

altMonsoon fashion can be tricky and your entire wardrobe needs to be assessed when dressing for the rains.

You don’t want your patent leather shoes to discolour or your hair to get frizzy. MensXP tells you about certain fashion faux pas during the monsoons that you should totally avoid.

· The first and most important rule during the monsoons is to not get out with anything that is not waterproof or water resistant. Materials like leather suffer serious damage during the rains which is almost irreparable. Replace your leathers with loafers or sandals that can withstand the weather.

· Umbrellas are kind of necessary, only they need to suit your style. Don’t walk around with a colourful print in your hand. Your pinstriped suit might not appreciate the colour. Go for a plain black umbrella with a brown handle.



· The same umbrella rule goes with your over coat to protect you from getting wet. Keep the colours for after work, while use neutral coats in shades of grey, black or beige that can well enough cover you till your knees. Shorter jackets do less for your dryness, so go for a nice long coat that will keep you clean and dry.

· Waterproof bags are naturally important but avoid carrying ones that are transparent and display everything that you hide in your bag. This rule is especially for those who carry confidential documents or money to work.

· Avoid wearing lighter shades of denims and go for a washed out look instead, to camouflage with the rainy weather. In fact if possible, avoid wearing jeans at all. They weigh you down when wet and take mighty long to get dry. Save yourself the effort and go for linen and cotton pants.



· Shirts too should be worn in darker shades and cool materials like cottons and prints are preferred over plain ones.

· Socks have been an integral part of your life, but give them a break during the rains. You don’t want to be in wet socks and eventually catching a cold. Go sockless and let your feet breathe.

· Keep all your ‘expensives’ away from the puddle – your watch, your leather shoes etc should go into hibernation for 3 months. Replace them with waterproof watches.

· Monsoon fashion is all about looking good while being comfortably dry, minimal clothing that is protected from the rains does the trick.

· Lastly, go for a haircut and get a clean trimmed look. A cool hairstyle for the monsoons makes all the difference.

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How to Look Your Fashionable Best in the Monsoons