Top iPad and iPhone apps for women on the move

Thank God (alias Steve Jobs) for the iPad and the iPhone. Whether walking the streets of an unfamiliar city, camping under the stars, or spending a long-haul solo flight seated next to a silent monk, there are tons of apps that help you spend your time fruitfully, productively and with arrogant self-centredness.

Here’s our pick. Feel free to argue!


Skyscanner: If it’s a window seat on a fly-by of the Atacama Desert or just a cheap flight back home after a wallet-dehydrating vacation, Skyscanner is never out of options. Search and book flights at your convenience. Free download


Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List: Mashing up everything gourmet of note – from top food-zines and cookbooks, chefs’ specials and restaurants – this app floods you with food ideas. Cook your heart out on the go. Works on your iPhone and iPad. Free download

Urbanspoon: What, and where, to eat are foremost on any reasonably curious (or epicurious) traveler’s mind. Even if you’re on a diet. Find new restaurants by letting the app choose from selections of neighborhoods, cuisine and price range. Impatient? Just shake your iPad and up pops a randomly generated option. Free download 


iBooks: You’re never too far from a good book with this app. Download your favorite titles, pick them at will from an impressive bookshelf. Tap to open, flip pages and add bookmarks without the heartbreak of dog-earing. Free download

Kindle: Give your iPad some Bezos muscle with this app that integrates fluidly with the Amazon storefront. Flip through a trove of magazines, newspapers and books on the move. Even better, it lets you leave your Kindle at home. Guiltlessly. Free download


Calorie Counter by FatSecret for iPad: Paranoia over holiday fat needn’t stop you from trying out new and interesting food. Eat all you want, but eat right. Locate nutritional info for everything you eat and keep track of meals, exercise schedules and weight. Free download

WebMD for iPad: Is that strange itch on your forearm driving you nuts with worry? Find out if it’s an allergy or love at tsetse fly-bite. If it’s something you need to see a doctor about, this handy iPad app gets you access to drug and treatment information, first aid and to browse local health listings. Free download

Women’s Health – by US Centers for Disease control and prevention: Not to be confused with your favorite magazine, this invaluable resource has tons of podcasts about every health question that ever crossed your mind. Period. Yeah, that too. Free download

RAIN OR SHINE Need to know if your angora pullover is going to be a fashion disaster by mid-afternoon, or simply talk about the weather with an interesting new fellow-traveler? Stay up to speed with the trade winds. Browse current conditions, 15-day forecast, hourly weather details, radar and lifestyle forecasts, and weather videos. Free download


Forex Currency Converter: Dollars to Euros, Yen to dinars… now it’s easy as pie. Dispense with the mental arithmetic and get current exchange rates on the go. Now you’ll never be overcharged for a tuk-tuk ride again. Value for money, now playing on an iPad. Free download


TripAdvisor: With this uber-useful app, you can look before you book a table at a restaurant or a hotel room rated by the TripAdvisor community. Travel couldn’t get more reliable. Free download

EveryTrail: Dump your GI-Joe beau, for maps were never this easy to read. Street names, audio guides, a compass, etc. all load up on the go, helping you connect with other travelers and make the most of your time in a new city. Over 400,000 destinations around the world have been logged. Keep counting, and adding.  Free download

HG2: Definitely not cheap at $17.99, this comprehensive app is nonetheless popular with serious travelers. Hedonists Guide is stuffed with local knowledge about bars, hotels and hotspots worth visiting in 41 cities. Paid download


Packing Pro: Every woman’s nightmare after the shopping is done, packing becomes a breeze with a checklist app from Venus. Clearly, this app was designed by a woman (or certainly blessed by one), for it has an option for the indecisive. Type in the kind of trip you’re embarking on and it suggests a packing regimen. Go ahead, bump him off the trip with confidence. It’s a small price to pay ($2.99 specifically). Paid download

Wi-Fi Finder

Find free or paid WiFi connections on the go without eating a hole in your travel budget. Covers over 320,000 locations in 140 countries. Free download


textPlus: On a trip you'll never run out of things to say, and people to say them to. This app gives you the power of unlimited one-to-one or group messaging to any iPhone, touch or iPad anywhere in the world. Enough said, start texting. Free download

TweetDeck for iPad: Set up a tweeting power station on the move with TweetDeck, the most comprehensive Tweet-watching app in the universe. #awesomeness Free download

WordPress: Artful blogger, don’t neglect your blog while you’re away. Update from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, moderate comments and create or edit posts and pages. Works with and self-hosted blogs running WordPress 2.9.2 or higher. Free download

Did we miss any of your favorite apps? Tell us about them. Leave a comment.


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