Top Birth Control Methods for Women

Population control or pregnancy prevention measures have been discussed for decades. The advancements in technology have given us many more choices in this area.

With the help of advanced medical research, birth control measures are no longer to the tune of just a condom. More and more safe and effective pregnancy prevention measures by way of birth control products are being introduced in the market.

Let’s list out a few that are known to be upto 99 per cent effective to prevent pregnancy.

Barrier contraceptives

If male condom is all that you had heard of, then take a look at the few of these barrier contraceptives to avoid pregnancy.

Female Condom
This contraceptive is not only useful in avoiding pregnancy but also protect women from most transmitted infections. Easily available at chemists’, this barrier contraceptive prevents the sperm from entering the female body. It is usually inserted into the female organ, about 8 hours prior to having sex.

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Usually available in foam, gel, cream, tablet or film form, they usually aid in killing the sperm to prevent fertilisation. Taken in conjunction with the Diaphragm or cervical cap, the spermicides are meant to be inserted an hour before intercourse.


It is made of rubber and is a roundish, rigid rimmed shallow cup that fits into the cervix. It is normally placed inside the female organ to block the sperm entrance. However, it is often recommended to be used with spermicides, as it will kill the sperms and avoid fertilisation.

Cervical cap

This is similar to the Diaphragm in structure, except that it is slightly smaller in size. This also functions similarly like Diaphragm and comes in different sizes for better fitting. However, care should be practiced when using it. Preferably use it after a suggestion from a doctor, with proper spermicides. Both the Diaphragm and Cervical cap are supposed to be inserted, at least 8-10 hours before intercourse.

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Hormonal contraceptives

Just when you thought you knew all about birth control pills, you will be surprised to know a few more measures that women can adopt for safe pregnancy prevention measure.

Mini pill

We all know that birth control pill has both the hormones progestin and estrogen, but the mini pill has only progestin that should be taken only when prescribed by a doctor. Lacking the estrogen, mini pills are free from the some possible side-effects of normal birth control pills such as increased risks of deep venous thrombosis (DVT), heart disease or sickle-cell disease. It is also recommended for women who are breastfeeding because the mini-pill does not affect milk production.

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Birth control shot

A progestin shot is a progestin injection, which prevents the sperm from getting fertilized. As effective as the regular contraceptive pill, this prevention shot is known to be 99.7 per cent effective in avoiding pregnancies.

Other than the above mentioned measures, ring, patch and a few intrauterine devices (IUD) are also available. However, detailed information regarding the same should be obtained from the doctor before plunging into self experimentation. Anything that prevents pregnancy artificially or interferes with the body’s routine fertilization process has to be referred by a health or medical practitioner. This is applicable to not just the IUD’s, but all of the above mentioned birth control measures.


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