Top 10 unhealthiest habits in men!

World over, men have almost always been on the scale of cleanliness. While some are total freaks when it comes to hygiene, there are some who are complete slovens. The perfectly coiffed cut, spice and leather fragrances might be a charade behind which lurks an unhygienic nose picker!

Here is a list of top 10 unhealthy habits of men that women find truly annoying and drives them nuts!

Top 10 unhealthiest habits in men!Top 10 unhealthiest habits in men!

1.      Hand in the nose/mouth

How gross is that! Not only is it unhygienic, but etiquette demands that you don’t pick your nose in public. In addition, nose picking can lead to various infections. We all know that cold virus is passed into the body through the mucus membranes. Sticking your finger into the nose after coming in contact with contaminated surfaces is a sure way to give yourself a bout of bad cold. Also, since the nose is situated so close to the brain, they share the same blood supply. And an infection in the nose could be dangerous. So, refrain yourself from ‘digging gold’. In addition, trying to pull out remains of  lunch from your mouth is yet another sore sight!

2.      Bathroom hygiene

Is it so difficult to wash your hands once you’ve visited the bathroom? A research carried out by a school of hygiene found that only one in three men actually wash their hands with soap. Unwashed hands are the easiest way of spreading infection and germs. So guys, there is nothing wrong in lathering up even if you think of it as ‘waste of time’, your health is more important, right?

Top 10 unhealthiest habits in men!Top 10 unhealthiest habits in men!

3.      Peeing on the toilet seat

It could be the middle of the night or broad daylight, they could be groggy or wide awake, they will still do it. It’s not rocket science to aim right inside and pee into the big bowl. Puddles of urine on the toilet seat and around the base of the toilet are not just unhygienic, but downright dirty!

 4.      Avoiding health check-ups

It is an agreed fact that visiting a doctor not exactly a pleasant experience. However, health check-ups can help in diagnosis of illnesses at an early stage which in turn increases the survival rate. Also, doing self-checks is important. With testicular cancer being on the rises, particularly among young and middle-aged men, it is mandatory that men check themselves for any signs. So, visit the doctor when necessary and stop living in denial.

5.      Scratching in public

Why is that men have to constantly scratching and readjust themselves in public all the time. It’s embarrassing. Researchers claim that while 60% men scratch their testicles only because it makes them feel ‘proud’ and ‘macho’ another 30% do it just out of habit. Hygiene issues or humid weather could be the reasons for the itch, but do try to contain yourself until you reach someplace private to scratch your ‘privates’. Cleanliness could be the key to stop the ‘itch’.

6.   Smoking

While everyone is aware that smoking is bad for health, no one really pays much attention to the fact. Smoking can cause lung cancer. According to a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, smoking may lead to rapid mental decline. Researchers found that with smoking being a risk factor for dementia, it increases the person’s chances of developing heart and lung diseases. And, to top it all, women like men with fresh minty breath and beautiful white teeth!

7.   Talking with your mouth full

What is the hurry and if it is so important, speak and then eat. Nobody relishes food when it lands on your face from the other person’s mouth. Were you not taught in kindergarten NOT to talk with your mouth full, to chew, swallow and then speak!

8.   Clipping toenails

Men mostly live in a mystical land. They leave a trial of unwashed clothes and expect them to magically enter the laundry bag, clip their toe nails and think that they will disappear into the blue. The toe nails, which are sometimes as sharp as knives, might harm the others in the house including the pets. While you take care not to let it go flying, also make it a point not to leave it on the coffee table or the night stand. Here’s a tip: There is something called the garbage bin, why not make use of it!

9.   Indiscriminate drinking

Binge drinking is so common among men that there have been a consistent rise accidents and deaths due to consumption of too much alcohol. This kind of indiscriminate drinking not just increases your immediate safety but also lead to long-term health problems. Keeping your health and family in mind, stick to moderate drinking and never cross the recommended limit.

Top 10 unhealthiest habits in men!Top 10 unhealthiest habits in men!10.  Super-hot baths

Taking a hot bath after a long day’s work is something everyone looks forward to. However, men sometimes take it a step further and linger in the hot bathtub or the Jacuzzis for too long. According to a study conducted by researchers of the University of California, too much time in the hot bath tub can lead to infertility. So guys, it’s time you ditched the hot tub and took a quick shower.



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