Tips to keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh!

Keeping your bathroom smelling fresh may sound like an arduous task, but here are a few simple tips which will have your bathroom smelling good all day long!

Tips to keep your bathroom smelling clean and freshTips to keep your bathroom smelling clean and freshAccept it – cleaning bathrooms is nobody’s favourite job! That one day of the week when it’s time to clean the dreaded bathroom is not something you look forward to!

All of us like fresh smelling bathrooms. It’s just that it never seems to stay that way for long.  Read on for a few time-saving tips to keep your bathroom fragrant, that too effortlessly!

Garbage disposal

Though you make sure your kitchen waste is disposed every day, you don’t really clean out your dustbin in the bathroom daily. Even if the bin in the bathroom does not have any wet waste, clean it every alternate day as any garbage that is kept covered begins to stink after a couple of days.

Good ventilation

An exhaust fan that vents to the outside of your home is a good way of keeping your bathroom smelling fresh. In addition, do open the windows or ventilators when the bathroom is not in use. Keeping the shutters closed all the time makes the bathroom smell pungent and this is mainly due to lack of cross ventilation. So if you open the windows every day for a few hours, your bathroom will smell fresh with all the natural air flowing in.

Scented candles

Placing several scented candles in the bathroom shelves, at the back of the toilet or next to the sink leaves the entire room smelling fragrant. In fact, you don’t even have to light the candles. You could just light one when you are having guests coming over. Make sure to keep your bathroom door closed when not in use.


For a floral scented bathroom, you can place a potpourri. These are available in most supermarkets. Citrus scents are also a good idea for the bathroom and might not be as strong as the floral scented products. However, the advantage with a potpourri is that every time someone showers, the steam rejuvenates and you will have a perfectly scented, fragrant smelling bathroom for weeks. The best would be fresh flowers, if you have a home garden. Nothing can be more fragrant than fresh flowers!

Baking soda

Make full use of the power of baking soda, as it absorbs almost any kind of odour. Here is a simple trick: Fill a small bowl with baking soda and leave it in the bathroom. If you like you can cover the bowl with flower petals but make sure they do don’t completely cover the baking soda. Replace the bowl of baking soda every month.


Vinegar is yet another kitchen ingredient that absorbs odours. If your toilets are flushed with the lid up, the contaminated water would have sprayed several feet leaving odours on walls and surfaces. So using vinegar to wipe the walls as well as the surfaces is a good way to deodorize your bathrooms. In addition, while flushing your toilet, first cover the lid and then flush, as this will allow the stinks remain inside the toilet pot.

Baking soda-vinegar mixture

Yet another simple tip to keep your bathroom smelling fresh is to pour vinegar into the toilet bowl, leave for couple of hours and then flush. For double deodorizing power, you could mix baking soda and vinegar and use it.


In a flower vase, put a bunch of eucalyptus and leave it above the toilet. Eucalyptus is a very effective deodorizer and it will mask almost all odours in your bathroom.

Dry towels

Yes towels. They are yet another thing in your bathroom which can emit foul smells. Once you wash your towels, make sure they dry out completely before use. Also, in between uses, hang them up so they dry quickly as wet towels smell musty. This holds good for wet floors and floor mats as well. Yes, we know you bathe and that means wet bathroom. But make sure you mop up the floors, open the windows to let it dry or you will end up with a damp moudly smelling bathroom.

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