Are you thinking yourself fat?

Are you thinking yourself fat?

We’re all guilty of telling ourselves off in front of the mirror for not having the perfect bikini bod – but a new survey says thinking the worst may actually make you fatter.

The research by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found that normal weight adults who think they are fat, are more likely to pile on the pounds over time.

They reckon the psychological stress of thinking you have less than perfect figures is responsible, as you are more likely to try counterproductive faddy diets or skip meals, which results in the body storing fat.

The problem is even linked back to our teenage selves as the study also shows that teenagers who think they are fat are more likely to grow up to be overweight, with girls being the biggest culprits.

It is the first time science folk have proved the link between perceived weights and actual weights.

That settles it then. Time to ditch the diet and try a healthy dose of positive thinking for a change!

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