First Things that Girls Notice in a Man

First Things that Girls Notice in a Man

‘First impression is the last impression’. You must have heard this adage time and again.

While you may or may not have put this fact to test, we assure you that we have, and our results suggest that it is 100% accurate. If a girl is attracted to you the first time she sees you, then chances are, you will surely get to go on a first date. So the trick here, is to get her to notice you. Here is how you can do that:

1. Clothes

You know how Rahul Khanna makes most women go weak in the knees? Well, that’s because he is not only smart, but because he is always impeccably dressed. Most men like to think that clothes are a woman’s worry. If you are a man who thinks like this, then you need to alter your thinking. There is nothing sexier than a well dressed man; one who knows what he should wear when and can carry it with style and élan. From now on, every time you step out ensure that you put a thought in what you wear. This effort won’t go unnoticed by the ladies, we guarantee that.

2. Grooming

While women find Alan funny and goofy, they most definitely would not go on a date with him as eagerly as they would go on one with Phil. If you are confused, we are talking about the 'Hangover' boys. While humour is great, sloppiness and unkempt appearance is not. You must groom yourself if you wish to get the ladies to notice you. A well kept beard, a clean shaven look, clean nails, good personal hygiene – all these add to your personality and make you attractive. So groom yourself and the girls will notice you.

3. Confidence

Confidence shows. It shows in the way you walk, the way you carry yourself, your posture, the look on your face. Very few things get a woman going like a confident man. Your confidence makes her want to talk to you and even works like an aphrodisiac. Work on building your confidence and you will never fall short on ladies you want to know better.

These are about the first things that a lady will notice in a man. It is not a concise list, but one that offers a complete roundup of all that really matters. Work on these three aspects, and you will never go unnoticed. (Dating,

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