Things to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Caterer

Everyone wants their wedding to be a memorable affair. And, one thing that guests remember a wedding is for the food that is served. No matter how beautiful the decorations are, food always remains the talk of the town. So, make sure that you hire only the best caterer to satisfy the taste buds your guests. Also, your caterer should be able to satisfy you in terms of budget as well as variety of cuisines. 

But before you take a call, make a list of questions you would like to ask them in the first meeting. Take a look at a few things which you must ask your caterer before finalising the deal.

Sample food for tasting

Once you invite a few caterers for the first meeting, ask them to bring along some sample food. You can also provide them with a list of classic dishes which are a part of every wedding buffet. Also, invite some relatives to take part in the tasting session.

Cost per plate

The most important question perhaps is how much does it cost per plate. Make sure you bargain well with them. Also, be clear on what their total package includes. Staff, linens, tables, chairs and taxes should be discussed beforehand. 

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Price list

If possible, ask them to give you a list with price details of each dish. This can help you reduce your cost by eliminating unnecessary items that may cost more. Also, it will help you to make arrangements for other things you want, which are not provided by the caterer.

Multiple bookings

Ask about their schedule on the day of your wedding. If a particular caterer has too many appointments already, avoid doing a deal with him or her. But if you like the work, make sure that he or she does not compromise on the arrangements.

Background check

Ask for references and photos taken at previous weddings. Contacting earlier customers and getting their opinion will make it easier for you to know the level of their proficiency.

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Personal involvement

Initially when you meet the caterers, they will promise you elaborate arrangements. But on the wedding day, they might give the charge of the arrangements to their subordinates. So, make sure that your caterer is himself involved. 

Helping staff

Ask about the serving personnel they will provide at the venue. What will they wear? Are their charges included in the total price quoted? How experienced are they? Also, make sure that you also know about the number of people they would provide, before you finalise your deal.

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Cooking details

Enquire about whether the food will be prepared at the venue or somewhere else. If the caterer will cook at your wedding venue, you need to talk to the venue manager to make necessary arrangements. Again, ask if it will cost extra if the caterer has to bring his/her own cooking equipment.

Once you and your taste buds are satisfied, hire the best wedding caterer for your big day. And, make it a tasty affair for your guests too.

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