The best beauty secrets you'll ever hear

Of the hundreds of tips we hear from Cosmo girls every month, here are the ones that really wowed us (and will amaze you too)!

  • "Before dabbing concealer on your skin, warm it in the palm of your hand—the heat will thin the texture of your product so the coverage is smoother." —Juhi Jamba, 20
  • "When I want to create a natural pink-nude lip I wear the brightest pink lipstick, then dab on a cream concealer and blend." —Nitika Gupta, 21
  • "Mix your liquid concealer with a light moisturiser at a ratio of about one to three. I use that around the eyes, the nose and just about anywhere. It blends easily and makes the skin look perfect." —Ramneek Kaur, 20
    "Sunscreen is extremely important during summer and winter, but what's even more important is taking it off! Your skin needs to breathe every seven to eight hours." —Anchal T Chaudhary, 26

    "I have dry skin and I hate heavy lotions and creams. My trick? After a shower, I mix a few drops of apricot oil in a bowl of warm water and rinse my face with it. It's a quick and effective way to keep my skin moisturised throughout the day." —Wasiqa Soni, 28
  • "I wear false eyelashes often and removing them can be a pain with the eyelash glue tugging at your real lashes. I soak a ball of cotton in rosewater (it dissolves the eyelash glue) and let it rest on my eyes. The lashes come right off." —Rohini Choudhury, 27
  • "I deepen the colour of powder eyeshadows by dipping a small brush in water before applying it over the shade. The intensity of colour also helps the shadow last longer. Just don't blend shades, it'll make a mess." —Shruti Sodhi, 25
  • "What's the best way to get a natural flush? I rub an ice cube on my face for a minute and then apply a moisturiser. This helps smoothen lines and gives me a light, rosy flush." —Parul Sawhney, 35
  • "For perfectly lined eyes, start at the outer corner and draw a series of dots or dashes with your eye pencil as close to the lashes as possible and then connect the dots." —Farheen Ahmad, 27
  • "If you brush some almond oil onto your lashes every night before going to bed, you will not need your mascara anymore!" —Samriddhi Sehgal, 24
  • "Ever had a compact/blush/eyeshadow shatter to bits inside its case? Break it all up and put it in a mixing cup, add a few drops of pure alcohol (available at a chemical supplies store) with a dropper, mix it all up and pour it back into the original case. Cover lightly with a small tissue paper and leave to dry. The alcohol will evaporate and your product will be fixed!" —April Sher Bhaika, 26


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