Tasty Little Numbers food range

Tasty Little Numbers food range

If you’re one of the 41% of women in the UK that watch what they eat constantly or are starting yet another diet this month then you need to know about Tasty Little Numbers. Everything in the range is made to exact whole numbers of calories. Want a choccie bar? That’s 100 calories exactly. Bag of crisps? Also 100 calories.

Tasty Little Numbers has both sweet treats and savoury snacks covered. Choose from the White, Milk and Dark Chocolate Bars (which while they aren’t a bar of Dairy Milk, still taste pretty good and definitely satisfy sweet cravings).  There’s also the Salt & Vinegar Chipsticks and Texy Mexy BBQy Grills for the crisp addicts among you.

If you’re looking for a more substantial snack the heat and eat snack pots are a mere 200 calories each, meaning you can enjoy a yummy perfectly portioned dish in minutes. The range includes Chicken Tikka Masala, Mushroom Stroganoff, Chilli Con Carne and Sausage and Beans. If you add a salad or some other veg to the dish they make excellent dinners too.  

The snack pots come neatly packaged with their own spork and napkin making them great to take to work with you.

Founder Jo Beach knows that while we want to look good we’re not going to stop fancying some chocolate or a curry and so she set up Tasty Little Numbers to allow her to manage the amount of calories she was putting in without having to think about it too much. Our kind of woman.

Jo said, “Just remember that Tasty Little Numbers doesn’t claim to make you slim, only you can lay claim to that triumph, but I do hope it helps you to enjoy doing it.”

Tasty Little Numbers isn’t a diet food range, it’s real food that actually tastes nice, is a little bit naughty but, because it’s so clearly labelled, you don’t have to feel bad. Hurrah!

For more info visit tastylittlenumbers.com and get your Tasty Little Numbers here. Om, nom, nom.

N.B. We’re pretty sure you’re not supposed to get your day’s calorie allowance by eating 15 chocolate bars but we just like knowing that we could eat that many if we wanted.  

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