Can Sweaty Betty Help Us Get As Fit As Vanessa Hudgens?

Can Sweaty Betty Help Us Get As Fit As Vanessa Hudgens?

Vanessa leaving the gym this week

With the Olympics just around the corner, we've got to admit to feeling somewhat guilty about how little we've been working out.  All this muggy weather is far from conducive to making a stinky gym seem like an appealing prospect.  With this in mind its pretty exciting news that our friends at Sweaty Betty have made it their mission to get us back on the exercise bandwagon.

This week the super chic, fitness clothing label and running expert Tim Weeks have launched Run Britannia, all in the name of embracing our British heritage (and getting us toned of course!) So, as we sit at our desks imaging the Olympic-crowd-induced transport nightmare about to reign over London, Sweaty Betty are literally shaking us out of our Friday funk - who knows - maybe now we'll be brave enough to run to work and avoid the London 2012 chaos?

Taking place every day from four Sweaty Betty boutique locations, the brand will host four 5k and 10k runs around London’s most iconic sites every day. From now until the 12th of August, joggers can set off from Soho, Kensington, Harrods and the Kings Road.

And if the word ‘run’ terrifies you as much as it does us at Grazia HQ, fret not. You’ll be so busy gazing up at the likes of Buckingham Palace and Big Ben that you’ll barely notice the distance. Though quite frankly, if someone could project a giant picture of Miranda Kerr’s perfect body on Big Ben as thinspiration that might also be helpful too.

As the summer unfolds, each boutique will step up their runs from one to four a day from July 30th. No excuses ladies! There will even be a running coach on hand to make sure you’re safe, happy and keeping up the pace. They’re not called Sweaty Betty for nothing.

The Sweaty ladies have even thought to schedule said runs around Londoner’s work schedules. You can watch the city wake up on the 7.30am run from the Harrods and Kensington boutiques or watch London unwind, setting off from the Kings Road and Soho boutiques at 6.30pm.

And if you need more motivation than the images of Vanessa Hudgens’ rock hard abs gracing every fashion glossy and blog in Britain this week, you’ll walk away with an exclusive Sweaty Betty gift bag upon finishing your run.

While we’d love to say we’ll race you to the finish line, slow and steady is more our style but we'll see you there!

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