Sun, sea and unsafe sex abroad?

Sun, sea and unsafe sex abroad?

Apparently us women are burying our heads in the sand when it comes to having safe sex abroad.

A new survey has found 45% of single females claim they are much more likely to have sex without a condom when on foreign soil.

More shocking than that – 1 in 10 said they actually PLAN to have unsafe sex on their holiday.

The worst culprits for these unprotected holiday flings are women aged between 18 and 29.

However, with age doesn’t come wisdom as 13% of women in their thirties are also planning to have unprotected sex on their holls – and the thirty-something ladies are also most likely to come back with more than sunburn, as they were found to be the highest bracket to catch an STD while away.

The new research carried out by, means that we are scarily throwing out the rule book when it comes to sex abroad.

Most of the women who took part in the survey either blamed too much alcohol as the reason for their lack of contraception, or awkwardness around raising the subject with the guy in question (whilst 5% said they simply just don’t like using condoms.)

What do you think? Are you more relaxed about contraception abroad? 


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