Summer's Best Dressed 2012: Where Did Kristen Stewart and Kate Middeton Rank?

School's out for summer, but who's top of the fashion class and who should get detention? In this week's Grazia (out now!), we bring you our mid-year style report of the best-dressed stars of 2012. You'll need to pick up the new issue for the full results but in the meantime, let's play a quick game, yeah? Take a look at the stars in the gallery above and see if you can guess who Grazia has given the below accolades to...

1. Fashion butterfly

While the 22 year old actress doesn’t fit into any of the obvious style icon categories - feminine, sexy, pretty - what she does have is more elusive, cool. We admit we previously mistook that surly expression and gawky body language for awkwardness, but we now realise it’s something else: attitude.

2. Royal swot

This lady knows how to grab the limelight in grey. It's a colour so subtle it’s practically invisible so that all anyone sees is you. Clever.

3. Spirit of summer

The brilliance of this star's easy-breezy downtime summer style is that it’s so unapologetically girly and, like all the all-time greatest summer looks, her outfits seem so effortless; from her wash-and-wear hair, to her barely-there make-up and classic retro shades. 

4. Premiere princess

Her squeaky-clean girl-next-door is usually ingeniously understated in demure daywear and she knows when to bring on the drama at night too...

5. It couple

Kate Moss may have complained to Grazia earlier this month that dog-walking was ruining her wardrobe; (‘it’s a nightmare! You can’t do a dog in a heel!’), but here's a style-setter who doesn’t seem to be having any problems putting together major looks around flat footwear.

6. Comeback queen

She’s been called girly, gamine, even boyish, but womanly? This supermodel may live in her favourite fall-back wardrobe of skinny jeans and jackets these days, but when she does pull out all the stops, no one can touch her.

7. Head girl

When it comes to fashion role-playing, here's someone who gets a gold star. There isn’t a look she can’t fully-embrace with a conviction that rouses us to a standing ovation.

8. Festival queen

Her ever-changing outfits have headlined Coachella for the past few years; from her sexy Suno tie-dye dress in 2010 to last year’s stars and stripes Topshop vest. And this year was no exception.

9. Grazia girl

This multi-talented lady has suddenly shot to the front of the class, making a splash with a sunny burst of Grazia yellow, a colour she carries off beautifully.

10. Chameleon

Is anyone having more fun with fashion right now? We don’t think so. The world’s coolest style star has the world’s biggest dressing up to play with, designers falling at her feet to dress her, and you never know what she will be wearing next.

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