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  • Travelogues: Have you traveled anywhere in India or abroad? Tell us your story. Write about special attractions, best time to visit and reason to go. Write about your experience there – what you saw, what you ate, interesting people you met, and what you did. Also, what you’d recommend that others experience. Include a note on available accommodation, dos and don’ts, and deals to look out for. Include an overview of the destination (distance from nearest airport, railway station and roadhead). And be sure to add pictures. Read some reader submissions for inspiration!
  • Go Local: Ever gone veggie-shopping in your city and returned with a story that's dying to be told? Or crawled every tea shop in town in search of the perfect cutting chai?
  • Events: Attended a festival? Or a fair? Or the grand-daddy of them all – the Kumbh Mela? Tell us your photo-story!
  • Not great with words? No problem, pictures speak volumes. Send us photo-sets (minimum 8-12) of a destination or a trip with interesting captions. For best chances of being published, upload your best shots to our Flickr Group and then us email us the details.
  • Recipe for a great travelogue? Write with passion and panache. Add great pictures. Serve hot!
  • Photographers and photojournalists, look out for new assignments at our Flickr group.

Kailash Gufa Waterfall in Chhattisgarh, India.
Photo by Santosh K Misra
1 / 30
Yahoo! Flickr India | Photo by Flickr/ Santhosh K Misra
Mon 20 Oct, 2014 12:30 PM IST

  • All submitted travelogues must be between 600 to 800 words. Under exceptional circumstances (if our editors find your writing to be most exemplary), we will relax the outer limit.
  • Travelogues must be in plain text (.txt), Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) or RTF (.rtf) formats without embedded images or font formatting. Files in any other text format must be converted to any of the above formats before submission.
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  • Yahoo! India Travel does not remunerate users for accepted submissions. However, we will gladly link back to your website or blog, or portfolio or Flickr photostream, and publish a brief profile accompanied by a mugshot. Your travelogue is assured of excellent exposure and referral traffic, as our Travel pages are viewed by over 3 million users every month.

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