Most Stylish Men Over the Last Five Decades

altThese men have redefined style in their own imitable way. MensXP presents to you men who have been a rage in the fashion circle of any era.

Cary Grant


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All the talk about stylish men has to begin and end with Cary Grant. The genteel masculinity of Grant makes him the most stylish man of all time.

Michael Caine


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Michael Caine soaked in the blend of British style and Italian zing. With his debonairness, he always insisted on getting under your skin.

Amitabh Bachchan


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His baritone is enough to leave a voguish impression. You can throw in the most atrocious of attires at the senior Bachchan and he will look deluxe in all of them. And then he will walk down with a slight air of arrogance, as if to say, “Do you have another one?”

Jack Nicholson


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If Jack Nicholson had a competition with his colleagues in the film world for style, he would drink them all up.

Raj Kapoor


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Did you just cringe in surprise? Well, you need to look at Raj Kapoor beyond his Chaplinesque persona. The man played with style, casting a spell that has yet to break.

Mick Jagger


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The lead singer of world’s greatest rock ’n’ roll band throws at you subtle impulses of wacky fad. The thing unique to Jagger’s style is that it will look aesthetically good on even the suit-and-tie guy.

George Clooney


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There is not the slightest air of pretentiousness to George Clooney’s style. Unlike some of his contemporaries, he never forced himself to look young when age started catching up. And boy, has he aged magnificently!

Johnny Depp


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He is to fashion what Led Zepplin was to music. He is a rebel who wears fashion with a punch that’s unique to him. Over the years, Depp has become a model for style variations.

Robert De Niro


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The 'goodfella' De Niro flaunts style with a badass attitude. If you wanna see how a man can look hot at the officially retiring age of 58, just buy a DVD of ‘15 minutes‘ and watch De Niro in all his swagger.

Sean Connery


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How can James Bond be left behind when it comes to listing down the most stylish men of all. Sean Connery always had that gunmetal slickness to his style that left one irreparably awestruck.

The immaculate sense of style of these men has raised the style benchmark to unfathomable degree. Sombrely transfixed we remain!

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