Stella McCartney Times Two, Maison Martin Margiela On The Tube: Check Out Rihanna's Amazing Week Of London Outfits

We couldn’t let this week slide by without a mention of one lady whose travelling wardrobe is inspiring awe here in the Grazia office. Yep, a working week’s worth of eclectic star style (with nary a business suit in sight, obvs!) was on the menu as the singer jetted in to London this week and how much did we love it? That’d be a lot!

Let’s kick off with her amazing olive green Alexander Wang number that she modelled on the terrace of the Corinthia Hotel for her Battleship photo call (yes, she sings chart-topping hits but now she’s also a bona fide silver screen star, dontcha know?). Sophisticated, sleek and a new colour for her – we fell in love instantly. As if the dress wasn’t delish enough, she added Louboutin Pigalle shoes to the mix and kept the jewels simple, chic and a little bit sharp with a Maria Black Sid bracelet.

But what’s this? No sooner were we getting warmed up to the idea of a more restrained Rihanna than POW! A thigh-skimming Stella McCartney jacket dress that featured zippy marbled colours and a daring plunge neckline! Couldn’t have been a further cry from the RiRi of yesterday. Different? Yes. Fabulous? Double yes! Is there no look she can’t pull off?

Well, there was debate in certain quarters when she took to the tube wearing not much more than a t-shirt (a flaming hot Maison Martin Margiela creation) with thigh high leather boots (from the Christian Louboutin 20 year anniversary collection). We don’t know about you, but if we were an international singing sensation with a body to die for, we reckon we’d give it a whirl!

Not so much the grey and white lace Stella McCartney tracksuit from the Pre Fall 2012 collection. Somehow we think star status might be the magic ingredient in making this one rock, which she certainly does. The simple strappy sandals saved it from sleep suit territory and kept it sexy. An added dose of ‘so now’ chic came from the trend-tastic cats eye sunglasses. Our envy knows no limits!

Finally, fostering those international fash relations, she donned Boy London for a look that was total 80s street style. She looked so hip it convinced us we might need to give that baseball cap look another try. Maybe.

Take a look at our gallery above and let us know what you make of Rihanna's week of sartorial surprises!

by Francesca Milton

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