SRK and Gauri - A zodiac match made in heaven

Shahrukh Khan – Gauri Khan

Their love story is no less interesting than a typical Hindi masala film. They were young, belonged to different communities, girl's family was against their relationship, the boy was not financially stable, and there were umpteen hurdles. Yet, this couple managed to deal with all of them – hook, line and sinker. And finally, Shahrukh Khan, a young, aspiring actor then and Gauri, a Delhi-bred babe, tied the knot in 1991. This was way before Shahrukh became the famed Badshah of Bollywood, the SRK of today. The adage goes that 'behind every successful man is a woman! And, this relationship is a live example. The uber successful couple still continues to remain strong and rooted. The glamour, the success and the wealth – all proven culprits to shake the foundations of the strongest of the relationships -  have failed to affect this marriage. And, we wish to God that this continues.

The couple has two children Aryan and Suhana. What makes their relationship so strong? Are stars responsible for the chemistry between these two stunning people? Read on: 

Sun Sign Compatibility
Shahrukh Khan is a Scorpio born, whereas Gauri Khan is a Libra. Both have an aura of mystique around them, and that's what attracts them to each other the most. They yearn to discover each other, and this very emotion keeps them hooked. Scorpio and Libra both love talking, so when Shahrukh and Gauri would enter a debate, it would surely be good enough to create fireworks. Being a Libra, Gauri shall have the ability to discuss any topic at length, and akin to a true Scorpio, Shahrukh would be capable of dissecting each though process. So, they shall constantly challenge each other's intellect, yet in a positive way. Both signs tend to have a calming influence on the other, and can inspire each other to put their best foot forward, provided they respect the fact that they are different people with different goals in life.

Predictions for the coming times, as per the Vedic Astrology
Gauri Khan is born with the number 8, which indicates ambition, patience and perseverance. Shah Rukh Khan is born with the number 2 that makes him a very sentimental and family-loving person. Both of them will be giving their best to the family during the year ahead. Ambitious to the core, they shall continue to work to add more comforts or luxury to life. However, Shah Rukh may become more cautious about his public image in the coming six months. There may not be any immediate hurdles or issues for the couple during the year ahead, yet they should avoid taking each other for granted. On the personal front, thus, it looks set to be a smooth sailing for their relationship. 

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