Spread the gift of good health

Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, house-warmings – opportunities for gifting are never scarce. But memorable and healthy gift ideas? Now that’s information all of us could do with!

Top 10 healthy gift ideasTop 10 healthy gift ideas

Are you tired of receiving rubbish gifts that you’re never going to use and that just take up space in your cupboard? Wish somebody would give you something truly useful? Why don’t you start off the trend by giving gifts that are not only useful, but also promote good health? We have for you, top 10 healthy gift ideas for you to spread the joy of good health amongst your loved ones.

Top 10 healthy gift ideas

1. A yoga mat

Available in a variety of colours, thicknesses and price points, yoga mats are a great gift for anyone who likes to work out. Besides being used for yoga, they can be used for other floor exercises like Pilates, as well as for doing stomach crunches, push ups etc. The best part about having your own mat is that you no longer have to share the common gym mats and reduce your chances of picking up infections. Plus they look so colourful and fun!

2. A plant

A gift that just keeps growing! Plants are a great gift idea that’ll bring good health and cheer to any home they’re in. Choose a plant depending your friend’s living space and it’s sure to be met with hearty gratitude.

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3. A pedometer

A pedometer is a little device that keeps track of your walking. Depending on the kind you buy, it can tell you what distance you walked, your average speed etc. It’s an excellent gift for anyone who loves to walk or should start walking.

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4. A fruit basket

If it’s a beautiful, nutritious gift you’re looking at, nothing beats a well-wrapped fruit basket. Choose from regular to exotic fruits, depending on your budget. Just remember to make sure to pick fruits that are relatively healthy.

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5. Spa treatment

Although tending towards the extremely-generous, here’s a gift that’ll be universally loved. Just be careful that the person you’re gifting it to is not suffering from any major health condition that requires them to avoid massages. The same caution should be followed for pregnant women.

6. Dark chocolate

Gift some good quality dark chocolate and you will enjoy the goodwill of your friend for a long time. Rich in antioxidants, a little bit of dark chocolate everyday is recommended by health experts. Choose how dark you want to go, depending on the palate of your friend.

7. An exercise DVD

Think your friend needs to start getting more active? Gift him or her an exercise DVD. There’s a whole variety of them to choose from, depending on fitness and energy levels, as well as type of workout. The great thing about an exercise DVD is that the person can work out at home, at any time that suits them.

8. Books on health

For a more passive gift, a book can be a great idea. From books on healthy recipes and diet plans, motivational books and books with mentally stimulating games like Sudoku etc, a book can help put your friend in the right frame of mind towards fitness. And the good attitude is indeed the first step required towards getting fitter.

9. Workout bag

Anyone who goes to the gym or an exercise bag needs a good workout bag. Buy one in a size and a colour you think your friend would like, and depending on your budget, you could even fill it up with items like a leak-proof water bottle, towels, wrist and hair bands and shower gels.

10. A mixed CD

If you really don’t want to spend too much money, but want to give something thoughtful, burn your friend a CD with great workout songs. Your music could vary, depending on their type of exercise. For friends who love yoga, burn a CD with slow, trance numbers. Or create one, especially for a one-hour gym workout, with upbeat, high-tempo songs to get the person fired up for a high-energy workout, as well as slower numbers for the cool-down.

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