Spin away to a fitter you!

Spinning on an indoor cycle to some peppy music is strenuous, yet fun. And can be a great calorie burner!

spinning as a form of exercisespinning as a form of exercise

What is spinning?

Spinning classes are organized and offered by fitness clubs or studios as a part of their workout routine or even as a separate routine. This fitness disciple was born of endurance cyclist Jonathan Goldberg’s indoor cycling routines.  It evolved into a full-fledged business offering to the public in the late 1980s when it was trademarked by Mad Dogg Athletics.

The routine involves a group work out on exer-cycles in a room while taking into account individual resistances and workout benchmarks. These classes are highly sought after by people looking for a rigorous, calorie burning workout. The highlight of spinning classes is that they are conducted by instructors to specially mixed high-tempo music and verbal visualization to complement the degree of intensity. Although spinning classes are always done as a group, individuals have the option of setting their own resistance levels.

Benefits of spinning

A typical spinning class has an instructor work his/her way through a series of difficulty levels while students follow suit. Some of the benefits of this high-intensity workout are:

  • It’s an excellent way of burning some serious calories.
  • The group activity breeds encouragement and pushes an individual towards a tighter routine enhancing his/her state of heath.
  • It enhances stamina and endurance.
  • While it’s particularly good for your legs and lower body, it’s also very good for building core fitness.
  • The intensity and duration of the routine has tremendous cardio workout potential.
  • Because it’s a group class, it’s fun!
  • Despite being a group activity, resistance levels can be customised according to individual capacity.

Points to keep in mind while spinning

It is imperative to use appropriately padded cycling shorts to avoid skin burn. Also using well ventilated, firm soled shoes as opposed to soft soled aerobic trainers helps avoid numbness at the end of the class.

The cycles are designed to adjust to a variety of human form and it is vital to adjust seat and handle heights according to individual statistics. This helps avoid any potential of injury caused by the exercise.

Additionally, a couple of towels and a bottle of water are always handy in a spin class.

Spin classes are not for everyone and it is essential to understand your current health and any existing physical condition that might be reason to avoid such a strenuous workout. It is advisable to consult the trainer and your physician in case of any such condition. Some feel that a spin class does not equate to an outdoors cycle ride; however, many are of the opinion that the pros of a spin class easily outweigh the cons and it is a great workout that builds stamina and core fitness.

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Photograph by Juanpol, via Creative Commons

Spin away to a fitter you!

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