Special moments for mother and the bride

A Mother-Daughter relationship is by far the most cherished in the entire universe and nothing changes it as much as does the holy bond of matrimony. Believe it or not, deny it with all your might, but things do change post marriage, when you step in a completely different world to begin a family of your own.

Daughter’s wedding is a very special occasion for her mother and as the wedding day draws nearer, both of them (the mother and the daughter) are so much occupied with the preparations that spending a few moments alone becomes really difficult.

Therefore, you must make efforts to spend lots of quality time together. Just as your friends plan a hen-party to have loads of fun with you, similarly, we present you with nice ideas for mother-daughter bonding where you and your mother can cherish your bond of love and affection.

Caution: You cannot stop your mother from ‘The Talk’ (and not even tell her, “Mom, I know it all”).

All-Day Pampering at Spa Salon

Hit the new spa in the town and book a complete package for you and your mom. Bonding over massage, facial, manicure and pedicure while sipping cool Iced Tea is simply a novel experience. You may have done it umpteen number of times with your friends, but try it with your mom this time to discover an entirely new facet of your relationship. What more, you can share all your jitters related to the wedding easily, sans the melodrama.

Try Something New: During the months up to your wedding, take up a new weekly activity with your mother. It could be anything from cooking, dancing, pottery or any fun activity where the two of you get to spend quality time together and develop a new interest. Your going away will cause loneliness and these moments will add on to your mother’s stock of memories of lovely times spent together.

Weekend Holiday : Plan a weekend outing to a nearby resort, beach or hill station where the two of you can have time alone to yourself. Your mother needs a break from all that wedding planning hustle and bustle too. Take lots of pictures and use them to prepare a nice scrapbook that will always remind you of the nice time the two of you had together. Take my word: you will remember this mother-daughter getaway for the rest of your life.

Shopping, Movies, Tea Party : If you can think of nothing else, then embark on a shopping spree. Women love shopping, which can be an altogether different bonding experience, if you really come to think of it. There’d be differences in tastes and preferences but at the end of the day, your mom knows what suits you the best and vice versa. Catch a movie on Saturday afternoon or turn into real gossip queens over coffee, the choice is all yours. What more, it’s actually fun when mothers start reminiscing about their courtship and even honeymoon days

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