‘Smiley’ winter foods for fussy kids!

Winter is here and it’s time to boost your little one’s immune system from the inside. Pack a nutrient-rich meal

Winter is here and we are sure you’ve taken all precautions to prevent flu, cold and cough from affecting your little ones. You might wash their hands incessantly and keep them wrapped in warm clothes. However, boosting your kid's immune system from the inside is important and you can do this by making nutrient-rich foods a part of their daily diet. Read on to learn more.


You may eat porridge for breakfast during all seasons. However, winter is definitely porridge time. It warms you up from inside and helps you fight the outside cold and it is surely healthy. It will not just keep your child healthy, but him/her concentrate better at school. If you think just milk and sugar is too plain, add a few fresh fruits like apples and bananas or nuts to make it interesting and watch your kids polish it off without any complaints!


Make sure your kids eat a bowl of soup every day, especially during winter. A soup made of just carrots and tomatoes improves your child’s immune system to fight flu, colds and viruses as the beta-carotene in the carrots and lycopene in tomatoes have flu-fighting antioxidants. Chicken is another food which warms your child’s body and wards off cough and fever.

Boiled/Steamed vegetables

Kids are not greatly fond of vegetables in any season. However, they just gobble it up if you present it in an interesting manner. Do not overcook the vegetables as it loses its essential nutrients and vitamins.

If you are making cauliflower or broccoli for dinner, chop them into bite-sized florets, microwave or lightly steam them until they are tender, squeeze a little lime juice and serve. Make a simple sauce – mix some butter, flour, milk and cheese in a pan and drizzle it over the veggies. And then, you will see the veggies disappear magically!


Another healthy way of feeding your kids veggies and meat is in the form of stew. Stew helps the kids boost their immune system. As the vegetables, herbs and meat are cooked into a stew, it retains more nutrients when compared to the foods that are baked or stir-fried. Along with carrots, beans, potatoes, you can also add some spinach which is packed with vitamins A and C, folic acid, folate and lutein.

Make sure you add garlic and onions along with the other vegetables as they are both filled with natural antibiotics that will keep coughs and cold at bay. Garlic is packed with allicin which releases antioxidants which is excellent for common cold. Kids might not like a garlic dip but it works when crushed and added in stews or soups! 

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Here are a few must-eat fruits for your kids during winter.

Pomegranate is filled with polyphenols and plant chemical that fight inflammation. If your child won’t eat just the seeds, add it to the porridge which will add flavour and crunch.

Guava has as much antioxidants as broccoli. Chop the guavas into small slices, sprinkle salt and pepper and serve. They will be gone in no time!

Papaya, which is packed with vitamin A is excellent for your kids’ skin and the enzyme papain aids digestion. So a piece of papaya after a meal would do good for your child’s tummy!

Oranges, luckily a winter fruit, are a rich source of vitamin C and filled with flu-fighting essentials. So go ahead and fill your kids’ lunch boxes with these fruits and watch them enjoy what they eat!


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