'Skyfall' narrowly tops weekend box office with $11m earnings

New York, December 10 (ANI): The latest James Bond movie 'Skyfall' moved back to the top spot at the weekend box office in its fifth weekend by taking in 11-million-dollar revenue, it has been revealed.

This put it narrowly ahead of Paramount's 'Rise of the Guardians', the animated adventure of Santa, the Easter Bunny and other mythological heroes that pulled in 10.5 million dollars," the New York Post reported.

The two movies inched ahead of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2', which had been tops for three-straight weekends. It earned 9.2 million dollars, slipping into a tight race for the third spot with Disney's Lincoln', which was close behind with 9.1 million dollars.

The top movies were bunched up so closely that rankings could change once final weekend revenues are released Monday.

The weekend's only new wide release, Gerard Butler's romantic comedy 'Playing for Keeps', flopped with 6 million dollars and came in at number six.

In limited release, Bill Murray's Franklin Roosevelt drama 'Hyde Park on Hudson' opened solidly with 83,280 dollars in four theaters, averaging a healthy 20,820 dollars a cinema. By comparison, 'Playing for Keeps' averaged 2,115 dollars in 2,837 theaters.

The top 10 movies at the weekend box office were:

Skyfall - 11 million dollars

Rise of the Guardians - 10.5 million dollars

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 - 9.2 million dollars

Lincoln - 9.1 million dollars

Life of Pi - 8.3 million dollars

Playing for Keeps - 6 million dollars

Wreck-It Ralph - 4.9 million dollars

Red Dawn - 4.3 million dollars

Flight - 3.1 million dollars

Killing Them Softly - 2.7 million dollars (ANI)

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