Simple diet and exercise tips for a healthier you

Simple diet and exercise tips for a healthier you

We all want to be as healthy as possible, but sometimes it’s difficult to fit diet and exercise into your routine when you have a busy family to run around after. And let’s face it, sometimes grabbing that bag of crisps when you’re hungry and busy is much easier than making a salad! 

But if you do want to be a little healthier (and maybe shed a few pounds too) here are some simple tips and small changes that will help you change your outlook and work towards a whole new you in no time:
- Plan your meals. Stir in a little organisation to your weekly meals by planning them in advance before you go to the supermarket. If you plan you’re more likely to keep your waistline in check and get better value for money: saving pounds all round! 
- Out of sight, out of mind. You’re less likely to reach for snacks and treats if you can’t see them. Store them away in a cupboard, and stop showing them off in a bowl. 
- Turn housework into a work out. Housework might seem boring, but it is a good way to burn calories, let off steam that could convert to stress and exercise your whole body without a trip to the gym. So its time to hoover those awkward corners!
- Telly toning. If you can’t tear yourself away from your favourite soap, work out whilst you watch or exercise in the ad breaks…you could do 20 minutes during a feature film, and not miss a thing! 
- Stub it out! You knew it would be there somewhere. There is nothing healthy about smoking. If you want to quit grab an NHS quit kit from your local Morrisons store, or go to see a healthcare professional; you are four times more likely to succeed. 
- Make it count. Want to start running, or another form of exercise? Sign up for a sponsored event (like the Race for Life) to help you stay motivated to train whilst benefitting others. 
- Chew that food. When food isn’t chewed thoroughly, the saliva’s enzymes don’t come into contact with it for long enough to begin the digestive process resulting in bloating and indigestion. Take the time to chew. 
- Two snacks max! Rather than ban snacks, why not simply introduce a two snack rule. The family still gets a treat, and you get to keep an eye on what you’re all eating every day. 
- Hydration nation. Carry around a water bottle or flask to help you reach the recommended level of 1.5 litres a day. Hydration is important for concentration, energy levels, and keeping hunger pangs at bay. 
- Simple swaps. When dining out don’t be afraid to request small changes to your order, such as asking for salad dressing on the side. Also, fill up on healthy side orders of salad and veg. 
These tips are courtesy of NuMe: a new healthy eating range from Morrisons. Developed by professional chefs and nutritional gurus, the range is bursting with health benefits and delivers great flavours at affordable prices. 
Do you have any healthy eating or exercise tips to share? How do you manage to fit having a healthy lifestyle around your family? Or do you find it too much of a struggle? We'd really love to hear your thoughts in our chat forum


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