Sexual deviation: Rare paraphilias

In this article, we dwell into a few more paraphilias, which are rather rare: urophilia, coprophilia, necrophilia and somnophilia.

sexual deviation: urophilia, coprophilia, necrophilia, somnophiliasexual deviation: urophilia, coprophilia, necrophilia, somnophili …Urophilia

The act of urinating upon or being urinated upon by a sexual partner, which adds to sexual excitement, is called urophilia. It is also known as urolagnia, urophagia, and in slang terminology as ‘golden shower’ or ‘water sports’.

Symtoms of a urophiliac include bathing in urine, smelling urine soaked underwear and drinking urine. Others may enjoy keeping their bladder full and may be attracted to people who regularly keep their bladders full (bladder desperation), and those who wet their pants.  Urophilia may be seen in sadism or masochism where urine serves as an object of fetishism and/or a way of humiliating the partner.

In some cases, men have been known to insert foreign objects like safety pins, wires, cylindrical batteries and magnets into their urethra for sexual gratification. However, such practices can cause serious urinary tract infection and may lead to sepsis and even death if untreated.


The act of getting sexually excited watching a person defaecate on someone else or defaecating on a sexual partner, or in rare cases being defaecated upon is termed coprophilia. In extremely rare cases like schizophrenia, people eat their faeces and that is called coprophagia. This carries a serious health risk of getting hepatitis.

Coprophilia is seen in normal individuals and also in people with a mental imbalance, schizophrenia or sadomasochism. It is a sexual deviation or paraphilia only if it interferes with interpersonal relationships, jeopardises one’s career or causes legal involvement and significant distress.

Some researchers feel that excretion of faeces is seen as a phallic symbol (resembling the penis) and is a defense put by the person against castration anxiety (when a person irrationally feels like his penis will be cut off).


Also known as necrolagnia and necrophilism, necrophilia refers to the act of having sex with a dead person or corpse for pleasure. It is common among grave diggers and mortuary workers, who , it is said choose this profession so that they can spend time with corpses. Necrophilia is an extremely sadistic act and may be associated with cannibalism (eating body parts of a corpse) and vampirism (drinking the blood of a human or animal).

In ancient times, sailors who brought back the bodies of people from wars for their funeral rites were accused of necrophilia. Most necrophiles (people who commit necrophila) are sadists, psychotic or not capable of having a consenting partner. Some so-called romantic necrophiles have been known to mummify body parts of their partner. The romantic necrophiles are necrophiles for a short span of time and stop the behaviour once they accept that their loved one is no more.


This is a paraphilia in which a person obtains sexual gratification by caressing, fondling or having sexual intercourse with a person who is asleep. This is typically done with a stranger and without the use of violence or force. Some people have been known to give their partner a sleeping pill so that the latter can sleep through the entire act; this is usually in the case of a consenting sexual partner. If the partner wakes up the fetish and the fantasy is lost, then there may not be the desire for sex.

Somnophilia is a mild perversion and is considered a paraphilia only if it causes distress to the person and interferes with his/her social, emotional and professional areas of life.

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Written by Dr Nisreen Nakhoda, General Physician

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