Sexiest Mumbai models

sexy models

Name: Rachel Bayros

My fashion dream is: I have come a long way in India, now I have dreams to make it internationally.

Craziest OMG Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW) moment: Nothing in particular has left an impression on me. I notice the fight between reality and pretence when it comes to this industry. Every person is at a deferent level, I have gathered a lot and learnt a lot from each person I meet. I have learnt how not to take everything seriously and take the good from every person I meet. If an OMG moment does happen, I would laugh about it and find it silly.

Name: Fiona Melissa Thomas

My fashion dream is: To become an internationally recognised print and/or catwalk model.

Craziest OMG LFW moment: A lot of the diva attitudes I've seen have made me think OMG but nothing too crazy...yet.

Name: Gia Johnson Singh

My fashion dream is: To continue working in the most beautiful places in the world. My dream is for that to never end!

Craziest OMG LFW moment: The quick outfit changes within a show can be crazy and totally frantic! Seeing all the girls running through backstage is a funny experience and sometimes our bodies move faster than our heads. I can quite honestly say I've tripped over and even tried to put both legs in the same trousers leg-hole. It's as if all my co-ordination goes out of the window. It's good to be able to laugh at yourself though.

Name: Ashika Pratt

My fashion dream is: Everyday I'm living in a fashion dream, each piece of clothing I get to wear at shows and shoots are pieces of art. I guess being able to take them home at the end of the day would be my dream.

tamara mossCraziest OMG LFW moment: At fashion weeks there is always good food and a lot of it...anyone who says models don't eat, haven't seen us in between shows!

Name: Tamara Moss

My fashion dream: For models to be able to wear more skimpy clothes on the ramp and not be attacked by terrorist groups like the Shiv Sena.

Craziest OMG LFW moment: The media publishing pictures of the "wardrobe malfunction" that takes place at the shows. Clothes and a woman’s body are beautiful things. The Indian government even acknowledging a case against this is ridiculous. There are wrong people on the wrong side of the law. LFW is now getting more serious and I am glad.

Name: Mashoom Singha

My fashion dream is: To do a a brand campaign for an international designer.

Craziest OMG LFW moment: I feel LFW is quite sober. The Mai Mumbai show last year was a good platform, with Naomi Campbell walking the ramp which was very different.

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