Have You Seen Yasmin Le Bon's Awesome New Undercut?!

Have You Seen Yasmin Le Bon's Awesome New Undercut?!

You may remember that Grazia Daily recently reported on the trend towards the undercut, with Miley Cyrus and Rachel Bilson supposedly sporting slinky new crops. But after ousting the two cheeky gals as fakers, (pfft-they were only daring enough to create the appearance of an undercut), we can now reveal that supermodel and uber-babe Yasmin Le Bon has only gone and done the REAL thing!

That's right, the ultimate fashionata has chopped her locks and was seen sporting an edgy, slicked back 1970’s style 'do as she attended The Royal Shakespeare Company's Julius Caesar Press Night with her aughter Tallulah yesterday evening. And whilst we would have no hope of pulling off such a drastic style, we stand back in admiration of the Iranian-Brit model for taking on such a daring look and pulling it off so well! The 47 year old has easily knocked several years off and by showing off her chiselled jaw and blemish free skin, we think she looks better than ever. The mother of three also coupled her haircut with a distressed leather jacket and some edgy biker boots. Err could she get any cooler?

But beware kiddo’s, this is one to think about carefully before trying at home - any less beautiful than Yamsin and you may be in danger of looking like a dodgy David Beckham...

By Chiara Merullo

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