Scorpio compatibility

There's going to be no shortage of heat in this relationship, that's for sure! There will be tussles for control, and exhibitions of blind rage, because both signs are control freaks with fragile egos. Both can be unbelievably intense and volcanic in their feelings. They guard their hearts by taking it easy when it comes to bequeathing their trust on their partners. Forgiveness is not a virtue either of them  possesses, and the Aries temper can more than match the famed Scorpio jealousy. Once (and only if) they are ready to fine-tune their needs - Scorpio's need for security and Aries' need for freedom - they CAN be the most passionate pair ever. But, then that's CAN! And, it rarely materialises.

The sheer electricity that this pair can generate is enough to light up a whole neighbourhood. Scorpio with its intense emotions is adept at bringing out the feelings that Taurus often leaves simmering below the surface. Emotions run deep with these two, and anything that interferes shall only be extinguished. After a point and the initial awkwardness, they can get so comfortable in each others' presence that it would be difficult to ascertain the actual time period of the relationship. Neither sign is fickle when it comes to relationships - Taurus will not waste any time on playing around, and Scorpio will not let it go - so this union is, all in all, for keeps.

Ambition is definitely the glue that binds these two together. Gemini is an ace manipulator and Scorpio has an unquenchable thirst for control, and their combined energies can create an impenetrable fortress of power. They need to guard against letting too much power go to their heads, as this can derail them from their focused path, and alienate them from each other. It is not an easy task to be oblivious to the aura of mystery around them - it has an almost seductive appeal. Being people of fine judgement themselves, they are not tolerant of people who lack conviction, and may tune them out mid-conversation. The meeting of these two Machiavellian minds can create history as long as they put their active imaginations and eerie intuition to good use.

This is a union of soul-mates and is destined to last forever. Cancer and Scorpio are both extremely possessive and passionate, and want to be connected mentally and physically at all times. Although both signs are slow to let people into their hearts, and want to eliminate all possibility of their trust being broken, this relationship escalates alarmingly. Purely on the basis of the genuineness of each other's emotions - which incidentally their mental radar immediately picks up - they will learn to let go of their misgivings. Scorpio gives Cancer the protection it craves, and Cancer makes sure that Scorpio eases up on its obsession for control.

There's a distinct similarity between these two personalities. Leo is the regal dynamo, who maintains arm's length distance from the commoners, and Scorpio is the cautious enigma who refrains from trusting people, until their loyalties are proved. Both love luxury and glamour, and will not compromise on their share of the attention pie. Social status is of utmost importance to each of them, and they are attracted to partners who can help them further their ambitions. Given this equation, it's highly likely that Leo and Scorpio will have immense faith for each other. However, can two swords - equally burnished and sharp, at that - stay together is a different question altogether. Perhaps a love bond with a considerable age difference or maturity level may flourish in this combination.

There's a lot more to the Virgo and Scorpio pairing than is immediately visible. Both signs are great listeners, and are often found playing agony aunt to friends in distress. They may take their time to bare their own hearts, but once friends are privy to their secret outpourings, you can be sure they will trust them with their life. They are your best bet, if you want a flawless, in depth analysis of a situation, and will often surprise you with their far-sightedness. Finicky about details, they will go through great lengths to know the how, when, and why of everything they come into contact with. A wee bit conservative in their thoughts, they are natural homebodies who would rather curl up with their loved ones than party until the wee hours of morning.

Libra and Scorpio create an aura of mystique around them, and this is what attracts them to each other in the first place. The yearning to discover each other can keep them hooked, and they will make the most of their time together. Both of them love talking, so when they are presented with each others' debating skills, its a contest worth watching. Libra can discuss both sides of any topic under the sun and Scorpio keenly dissects each thought process, so they will constantly challenge each other's intellect. As long as they respect the fact that they are different people with different goals in life, they can be a calming influence and inspire each other to put their best foot forward.

The Scorpio-Scorpio 1-1 union is a perplexing clash, wherein two individuals who want to be perfectly understood meet someone who can actually do that and yet both keep their real intentions and emotions guarded from the other at all times.  This creates a tug-of-war that is fascinating to watch, as long as you are not holding either end of the rope! Ans, this can be quite unlike other 1-1 pairs, where the mirror effect establishes an almost instant trust between the two people. Scorpios are synonymous with intensity and secrecy. When the controlling side of one Scorpio tries to surface, the rebellious other Scorpio will flash its eyes in anger. And, the fact that they are not the type to forgive and forget makes the matters a tad more interesting.


The union of Scorpio and Sagittarius is a volatile one, with both signs operating at extremely high-octane levels. Sagittarius is a sign that relishes its freedom, and Scorpio is secure only once they are in a binding relationship. This could be a bone of contention for them, but it will be a fun ride for sure. Scorpio often goes on a power trip, and this can bore Sagittarius enough for Sagittarius to take off without notice. The repercussions can be felt as Scorpio takes off after them in swift chase, and the ride promises to be an exhilarating one. Both signs are known to love critiquing people, a quality that ensures they are definitely not the zodiac's biggest diplomats. Ironically, they don't take criticism too well, and all hell may break loose on the hapless soul who pushes their buttons.

There's a difference between having a goal, and 'having a goal', and no one illustrates this difference better than a Scorpio and a Capricorn. Both signs are super-achievers, but while Capricorn sets up a sofa by the fireplace once a goal is achieved, Scorpio sits down with a notepad making a list of the next few goals. This is not to say that Capricorn is lax; when it comes to work, both signs are equally fastidious and want to earn more to splurge in style. Then whether it's clothes, diamonds, or luxury sedans, they will not think twice on picking up the best. Both signs tend to drift off into their thoughts at times, and can come off as cold or snooty when they are not in the mood for small talk.

There's a vulnerability that Scorpio and Aquarius have in common, a trait they keep hidden well beneath their ice-cold outer appearances. A Scorpio may feel insecure initially, when faced with Aquarius' independent streak, especially since Aquarius sees no need to reiterate their feelings. But when two people ruled by Air and Water come together, neither has to worry about being drowned or swept away. The combined forces of Air and Water can bring about wondrous harmony. And, as long as they remember to handle the other with kid gloves, they can learn flexibility and aggression from each other. Both signs have lofty ambitions, and are competitive to the core, so they will never settle for anything less than the best.

Scorpio and Pisces may seem like the most unlikely combination, with Scorpio standing with both feet firmly planted on planet earth, and Pisces floating into a dream world far far away. And yet, these very same qualities give this relationship its freshness and exclusivity. When Pisces uses its creativity to build castles in the air, Scorpio provides those dreams with a solid base, and gives direction to the free-floating Pisces. Both signs keep their cards close to their chest, only committing once they are convinced they are getting the right vibe. Trust is everything for them, and they will never let out a friend's secret, nor will they trust anyone once they have been let down.


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