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Write a funny blurb for this cartoon. Leave your entry in a comment on this page!

Write a humorous blurb for this cartoon and leave it in a comment on this page. The best line will be chosen and published here, credited to you!

A few guidelines:

  • Make a sincere attempt at humor, wit, sarcasm or self-deprecation (or anything remotely ticklish) but keep within reasonable limits of decency.
  • Steer clear of obscenity, libel, religious, ethnic or racial references, and violation of copyrights and trademarks.
  • Keep it clean and have fun!

What next?

After leaving your comment, look through the comments and thumb up the best or funniest entries. Our editorial team will also review the best entries and pick the funniest one. Results next week!

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If you are a cartoonist or a photographer, send us your entries to 'Say What'

Guidelines for submission:

  • Your submission (photo or cartoon) must be an original work. In other words, you should be its author or creator. 
  • Your submission must be based on a theme, anecdote, situation or experience concerned with Travel.    
  • Submissions that do not meet the above criteria will not be considered for 'Say What'


Santhosh sent in the best blurb! Thank you! 

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