The Rise Of The iWAGS – And What It’s Really Like To Date A Dot Com Billionaire

They’re gorgeous, intelligent and dating some of the geekiest – and richest – men on the planet. The millions sitting in their boyfriend’s bank account leaves them unfazed, and you wouldn’t catch them anywhere near a six-inch Louboutin. Forget footballers wives – meet the new women to watch, now. Meet – the iWAGs.

But what’s it really like to be the girlfriend of a dot com billionaire? Last week, Kaitlyn Trigger became the latest twentysomething to find out when her boyfriend Mike Krieger pocketed £100million after Facebook bought the company he co-founded, Instagram, for £1billion. (Yes, one billion. Wowza.)

Exotic trips, shopping sprees, luxurious new homes… We admit that just thinking about what we could do with that sort of cash makes us feel a tad queasy with excitement. So we can’t imagine how Kaitlyn felt when her boyfriend took her out to celebrate – for a, errr… Burger.

‘After the Facebook buyout, we went to celebrate at our local burger restaurant,’ says Kaitlyn, 27, told Grazia exclusively this week. ‘I had my favourite cocktail, a French 75, and Mike had a beer. That was our celebration. We’re very low-key. He certainly hasn’t gone out and bought a speedboat.

 ‘In fact, he hasn’t even bought me a present yet. He isn’t flashy.’ (Nope, not a sausage. Not even a little Mulberry treat. Seriously.)

Others in Kaitlyn’s crew include FB founder Mark Zuckerberg’s girlfriend Priscilla Chan, and Lisa Bettany who is dating Mashable founder Pete Cashmore.

Kaitlyn, who now has her own start up, Lovestagram, continued: ‘I think it’s good to keep things as normal as possible. Success like this happens from time to time and Mike has a lot of attention around him. But we loved our lives before Facebook came along. As long as that doesn’t change, I’ll be happy.’ (Altogether now: aaaaah…)

To read the full story and find out where the geek groupies forever snapping at Kaitlyn’s heels are going to bag their own billionaire, read this week’s issue of Grazia.