Pakistani singer Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan announces new digital album

Lahore, July 23 (ANI): Renowned Pakistani singer Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, who gained recognition across the border, has announced the release of a new digital album.

Shafqat said the demand for music in the modern market is for digital, and added he is frustrated with the issue of CD piracy.

"One cannot explain the issue of piracy. Why someone illegally uploads or downloads an album is beyond me. It's been really damaging to the industry. In Pakistan, the government is clearly not focused on the issue of piracy. Record labels really aren't offering much either," The Express Tribune quoted Shafqat, as saying.

Shafqat said his new album, which is yet to be titled, will represent shades of his personality. He added that some of the songs were composed by him when he was still a student in college, struggling to become an artist. Other songs on the album are based on more recent experiences.

"Whenever you hear that you are the most sought-after singer, you feel honoured, especially when you're working abroad. You are looked at as an ambassador," said Shafqat, humbled by the praise he received in India and across the globe.

"You have to live in peace and prosperity with your neighbours," he added.

"More Pakistani artists are focusing on Bollywood because of the circumstances in the Pakistani music industry. The Indian music industry keeps you on your toes, and even if you're a good singer, you have to keep improving or you won't survive," Shafqat said. (ANI)

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