Number love: Signs of Attractions

When you are attracted to someone, you tend to send out body signals either voluntarily or involuntarily. Numerologically, we are all ruled by different numbers and we are associated with certain personality traits accordingly. A ruling number 1 may be adventures and outspoken whereas a number 4 may be too engrossed in work to think about adventures. Continue reading and find out all about how you behave when you are infatuated with someone.

Ruling number 1: As a ruling number 1 you seek out the best when in love. You pay attention to how the opposite sex behaves around you. You may pretend to be shy but that's not the truth at all. You smile more around this person you find yourself attracted to.

Ruling number 2: Ruling number is quite reserved and a romantic at heart. You behave like you don't even care when you are around someone you are attracted to. You tend to show your caring and generous side to those you really like.

Ruling number 3: If your numerology ruling number is 3, expect to have a tough time keeping your feelings to yourself. You keep bringing up this person's name in your conversations. That's a sign of attraction and romantic feelings.

Ruling number 4: If your numerology ruling number is 4 you will do everything you can to not give out any outwardly signs of your attraction. You behave differently around this person though. Secret glances are another giveaway.

Ruling number 5: Ruling number 5 you are quite the demonstrator. You can't hide your feelings and may announce to the whole world when you fall for someone.  When you are attracted to someone, you may make it your mission to go after this person.

Ruling number 6: If your ruling number is 6, you are the kind who likes to run your hand through your hair and use other signs of attraction to draw attention. You do everything you can to make the one you are attracted to fall for you.

Ruling number 7: If your ruling number is 7, you are a romantic at heart and want to walk up to someone and confess how you really feel without beating around the bush. But you never act on your impulses. The person at the other end may never find out you even liked him or her.

Ruling number 8: If your ruling number is 8, you tend to become nervous around someone you are attracted to. You can't be your true self and behave awkwardly.  You wished you had control over your feelings, but it won't be that interesting if you could control everything now, would it?

Ruling number 9: As a ruling number 9, your personality does not allow you to give out to many signals to the one you are attracted to. You are the kind who admires from a distance. This may even lead to heart break but you don't do anything about it. You prefer to wait and see how things progress.