November Weekly Forecast-2012

Know what's in store for you this week!


Aries: This week your personal life will be predominant, while professional life takes a back-seat. Your  bonding with your loved ones – spouse, parents, children, and even friends – will be great and you will spend lots of fun times with them. Picnics, parties, social get-togethers are all on the cards. You seem to be without a care in the world, and you feel happy both for yourself and your family. Ganesha says you feel as if a huge load has been taken off your shoulders, and advises you to enjoy the happy phase while it lasts. You need to thank your stars, as it is the kind of time that people can only dream about.

Taurus: Good times are foreseen for married couples, as the bonding between them will grow stronger. You are likely to spend some happy moments with your beloved, and the memories of it will remain etched in your mind forever. You will also spend some quality time with your children, who will love it, and in turn it will make you happier. Romance is also foreseen during this phase, but Ganesha warns you not to be too flirty, for there will surely be many opportunities. By and large you will be in good spirits, both on the personal and professional fronts. You will nurture big ambitions, and thus hunt for opportunities in which you can make lots of money.

Gemini: This is not such a favourable week for personal relationships, says Ganesha, and warns you to maintain a low profile to tide over the crisis that is foreseen. Old friendships are likely to be revived, and you may be tempted to over-indulge in sense gratification. It has the potential to jeopardise your family life, and you need to be aware of it, because if you do commit any gaffes, they are likely to have unpalatable after-effects. All this emotional turmoil – being torn between the past, present and future – could have an adverse effect on your health too, so take care of your diet and fitness, and try to meditate and exercise regularly.

Cancer: During this progressive phase you will be fully confident of your own abilities. But far from being arrogant about them, you will also humbly listen and take into account the opinions and ideas of all people who associate with you. Thus you will forge contacts that will last you a lifetime. Your communication skills will stand you in good stead, and as you interact with a variety of people, you are likely to bounce into someone special with whom you are likely to develop bonds of the heart. Ganesha foresees that you will spend a lot of intimate moments with your beloved, which is bound to give you a lot of inner happiness.


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