Myths on Oral Sex

Oral sex is an important part of sexual intimacy. There are, however, some myths that need to be dispelled.

Myths surrounding oral sexMyths surrounding oral sex

Are you familiar with the terms ‘giving head’, ‘brain salad surgery’, ‘domes’ or ‘getting domes’?  How about ‘blow job’, ‘go down on’, ‘eat out’ or ‘lunch at Y’? These are the common slangs used for oral sex. These slangs are very popular with teenagers, just the way oral sex is. One of the reasons for its popularity is the safety associated with it, at least in their minds.

The truth about oral sex and safety

Oral sex, considered safe, especially among teenagers, is actually not completely safe. It may be completely safe where pregnancy is considered but it does not shield you from sexually transmitted Infections (STIs). STIs like HIV, herpes, and gonorrhoea are transmitted through exposure to blood, semen, vaginal secretions etc. So stimulation of genitals, by the mouth exposes it to semen or vaginal secretions. Any cut or abrasion in the mouth or tongue further facilitates it.

The risk is higher in homosexuals, for it is the preferred mode of stimulation among them. This puts them at a high risk for HIV infections and other viral and bacterial STIs. Although the frequency of unsafe sexual practices and reported rates of bacterial STIs has declined substantially in the last decade, increased rates of syphilis, gonorrhoea, and chlamydia infections have gone up. The underlying behavioural changes likely are related to effects of improved HIV/AIDS therapy on quality of life and survival, “safer sex burnout”, and in some cities, adverse trends in substance abuse.

Myths about oral sex

There is no documented knowledge on oral sex which is easily accessible, hence many myths are prevalent. Some of the other myths associated with oral sex are –

-       You will not get any sexually transmitted diseases if you brush your teeth after oral sex

-       Ejaculatory fluid from penis can clear your acne when rubbed on skin

-       When swallowed, ejaculate can help you grow your breasts to a larger size or will be helpful in alleviating pain during your period

-       Or rubbing your teeth with ejaculatory fluid will help whiten them

Trust me these all are NOT TRUE. They all are myths, not facts.

There are safer ways to perform oral sex. Using condoms when performing fellatio (when act is done on male partner) and using dental dams when performing cunnilingus (when done on female partner). When sex comes to your mind, remember to always stay safe.


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